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It’s Simple & Complicated

I go through various stages of hope and despair. With the internet, social media, all the information we have available, you would think that people would be more intelligent in 2016, and that society would progress at a rapid rate. But then when I see that people can’t even agree that the government (police) shouldn’t kill it’s own citizens, that sitting down during the national anthem to protest that, calling for equality, creates a hateful backlash, that banning muslim women from covering themselves on beaches is a vital part of a “liberal” western country’s war on terror, and hearing this talk of  the “savages” in Africa, and that being the reason for it not being further developed, I sort of lose hope.

I mean if adult people in the rich and educated western world can’t even get past the very basic principles of the value of human life for example, how does one even move on to then understand the basic facts of history and why the world is the way it is?

History is written by the winners, and growing up in the west it’s easy to get the feeling that we are just right and better at everything. Slavery ended a long time ago, get over it. Why hasn’t someone figured it out over there in Africa? Well maybe because anyone who did or tried to has been killed by the west. Yes that might be part of the reason. There are an awful lot of examples where someone comes along and has this radical idea, that hey, you know how our country has all these resources, how about we make sure they benefit our people! We can end the suffering by becoming more independent…Boom, gone, that doesn’t fly in the west, we would lose money. Sorry

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