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NEW Beginnings Are Always Good

new-beginningI like new years, because they are always full of promise. I’m not the sort of person that makes resolutions that I then break. Sometimes I don’t make any, sometimes I make one I keep. But every year I strive to improve. Sometimes steps forward are made behind the scenes, and sometimes they are made in public. 2017 is a year when we are going to be making progress in public.

Silly Season Wrap Up -90% Perfection

I think most deals are announced now. You know how genius I was? Out of the 24 predictions I got 22 right. I missfired on King and Aigoin. Not bad, not bad at all. Let’s take a look shall we: (A more detailed 2017 prediction post will follow)


Ryan Maifield – Leaves TLR – Joins Mugen – Never lets go of throttle.

Yes, it happened, Maifield joins Mugen, and Yokomo for 1:10th. Looks like 1:8th program is on point. 1:10th program needs some setup work!


Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – So nothing really changes.

Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – Already has a dialed setup.

Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – Already has all the spare parts.

Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – Basically in order to make the car match his blue cooling head.

Ongaro did in fact go to AE, and he was immediately dialed. What a surprise!


Cody King – Leaves Kyosho – Joins JQRacing – Paul King Stays with Kyosho.

Well I almost got this, just substitute JQRacing with HB. And once Paul King get’s out of intensive care, he will most likely stay with Kyosho.


Jerome Aigoin – Leaves Kyosho – Linked to Mugen- Americans are now asking “Who is Jerome Aigoin?”

I should have seen this one coming. I am disappointed in my lack of foresight. His brother sells Xray, and runs it. Seems so obvious now.


Jared Tebo – Staying with Kyosho – Yawn.

Got it. Didn’t believe the rumours.


Joseph Quagraine – Fires himself – Buys his spot back on THE Team.

Yep, it cost me a lot, but I had to do it.


Ty Tessmann – Leaves HB – Joins Xray? – If it is God’s will.

It was God’s will. Tessmann really did go to Xray!


Juha Aromaa – Stays with TLR for 1:10th scale, because he is dominating.

Well, he showed up at OCRC running TLR’s!


Baldo Brothers – Leave Mugen – Join TLR – Culture Shock Imminent

Well I’ll be damned, got it!

quintonDaniel “Mr Party” Quinton – Stays with Kyosho – Meaning he still buys Kyoshos, moving Kanai-san ever so close to that new Ferrari.

Still paying for Kanai’s Ferrari!


Atsushi Hara – Dude, I bet he doesn’t even know what he is doing himself. Possible onroad career ahead.

I was right in the way, that Hara still doesn’t know what he is doing.


Jeremy Kortz – Can’t leave anyone because he is not on a team – Does not sign with anyone.

Kortz is still not signed with anyone, and it’s still 0-0, for another month!

IMG_4057[1]Max Mört – Stays with JQRacing – Mainly due to severe threat to his life if he leaves.

Max has confirmed that he does not want to die yet. Too much to live for at the moment.


JC have Maifield, Rivkin, Ogden, Savoya, they are good right? Well about to get a whole lot better. I have heard that David Ronnefalk to JC is a done deal, and Ryan Cavalieri is possible.

Got all those!


Then again, with the rumours of Tebo and Phend going to AKA, it just makes this whole scenario not make any sense. Haven’t heard anything about Lutz, staying put I believe.

And all these!


Haven’t really heard anything about European drivers and PL. Even if Tebo and Phend did leave, they still have a ton of great drivers, like Boots, Drake, King, Cragg, Aigoin, Berton and Tessmann. I would not be surprised to see more drivers out though.

Yep, all good, just add McBride there.


Dave Wentz – Kyosho to JQRacing – The Earth’s Orbit adjusts to this news.

Dave is being mysterious. No one knows exactly what is going on!


Robert Battle – Modelix (ProCircuit – Ultimate) Out – AKA and Picco In – Mind blown.

Yes it really did happen!


Barry Baker – Comeback? – Old School: instead of social media drama, he brings it in reality.

This was a genius one, and it ended up being Serpent!


Cameron Kyle Neff – Stays with SWorkz – No One Cares.

As predicted, no one cared!


Davide Ongaro – Adds traction to his program – This could go either way.

Well would you believe it, I called it right. Now we just need to see what happens this summer!


Alex Zanchettin – Leaves TLR for Tekno – Upgrade in $$$, Downgrade in handling.

Did go to Tekno, let’s see how he handles the handling!


Team Orion – Downsizes team after Ronnefalk’s Worlds Bonus empties bank account.

Cavalieri and Phend did leave, haven’t seen anyone added, but yet to be announced Cody King to HB and Orion.


Honorable Mention – Marc Rheinard – Tamiya back to only caring about plastic models.

I said he goes to Infinity, it hasn’t been announced, but I’m just going to announce it. If he isn’t going to Infinity I’ll go there.


Joseph Quagraine – JQ deal fell through due to lack of pace in mains – Retires and gets real job.

I was WRONG. At the last moment I managed to win OCRC Wednesday Night Worlds in 2wd, which was so impressive, that I convinced myself to give me another year to prove myself. The 17th year is bound to be the one, it’s the right time, its JQ time finally. I’m going to JQ the shit out of 2017.

Dare To Dream

New year, same dream. Somewhat stronger now that tangible progress has been made. Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the years, and to everyone that continues to do so today. I have not given up yet. It’s still possible.

Get Your Head On Straight

Mostly I just horsed around

Mostly I just horsed around

Today was a perfect example of how bad things can go wrong when you aren’t prepared. I had to pick up this one idiot from the airport today, and was late to the track. I had to change the diff and the gearbox on the 2wd, and I had to finish the new 4wd, and I barely made the club race. The whole day was a mess trying to get everything done, and that lead to some messy racing!

Preparation is key, not only does it ensure your equipment works right, it also helps make sure you go into the heat mentally prepared, and confident!

How Not to Blow Out When Sucking More Than Normal – And Tyres


Today I raced at OCRC again, and a couple of things crossed my mind. You see this coming week is the last week of practice before Reedy, so I want to get some good laps under my belt before the race, with both cars. I mounted up new tyres for both cars so I have a few sets for the coming week. The thing is, new tyres suck! They take a while to break in, which makes racing them tough. So here is what I was thinking about.

The importance of tyres in any racing is huge, but I feel like in 10th offroad it’s more noticeable than in 8th scale. If your tyres are a bit off, your lap time could be 0.2s off. Over a run, that will be about 3-4 seconds. At the pace and consistency we are racing now, that’s really hard to make up. So if your tyres aren’t right, and you can’t compensate for it with car setup, to gain that traction back, you will be a bit off your best pace. This week I will actually be testing to see how to compensate for the lack of traction, while maintaining the same balanced handling. Anyway, this leads to another problem.

When you are racing and you feel good but you are losing time to drivers you feel like you should be beating, it’s the perfect scenario for a mental meltdown to happen. This means you start pushing too hard, and making mistakes. You get frustrated because you aren’t as fast as you think you should be, and you start making mistakes. What you need to do is actually slow down a bit. Calm down, focus even more, and only on your car. Don’t care about anything or anyone else, ok maybe you are out of the race for your win. Deal with what you have, focus on your car, and turning perfect clean laps, and salvage what you can. Normally if you can do this, you will still get a decent result. Maybe you don’t win, but you could still be 2nd or 3rd, instead of blowing out and finishing at the back.

This is something that I need to keep in mind at Reedy, because I just had the GREAT news that I made it into the invitational class, along with Barry Baker. I guess its ON now, I can’t let that guy beat me, I will never hear the end of it. I need to maximise my own performance regardless of what happens in the race. If I get a front row start and get taken out (likelihood of this approximately 100%), I need to be able to remain calm, not blow a gasket, and salvage whatever I can, instead of thinking about what could have been, and crashing 17 times because I’m not focusing on my driving.

Barry Baker was so happy after his epic win at Sunday Night Showdown at OCRC that he organised his tool box. Then we had the great news that we both made it into the Reedy Invitational class. What a day, I think Barry will be smiling all day at work tomorrow.

Barry Baker was so happy after his epic win at Sunday Night Showdown at OCRC that he organised his tool box. Then we had the great news that we both made it into the Reedy Invitational class. What a day, I think Barry will be smiling all day at work tomorrow.

Exciting Times

I’m slipping again. Keep going to bed at past 3am, and can’t get up before 9. Need to adjust my rhythm. It’s just that I need to do a whole bunch of creative stuff now, and I do that best at night! Almost forgot about this thing too. Need to remember to post every day, and if I remembered earlier I may have been able to post something sensible.

Plan It, Then Wing It – Is That Oxymoronic?


One thing I have heard from a few people recently, is how there is this notion among some people in the industry, people in the know, that it’s completely amazing that JQRacing is still around. They expected me to fail a long time ago, can’t believe I am still here, and now think that this definitely has to be my last year.

I can see where they are coming from. Far larger companies than mine, with deeper pockets, more experience, probably more sense, and definitely more staff have come and gone. My public persona is something of a village idiot, some crazy guy from Finland running around the world like a headless chicken pissing half the world off, and creating passionate followers of the other half. Well, some part of it anyway :-). I get where they are coming from. It doesn’t look like there is any way I could run a business, at least not for very long, or successfully in any way.

But there is method to my madness. I think that there are very few people in the world who truly know me. It’s like I live in this box and I don’t like letting anyone in, but once in a while someone buys some scissors, cuts a hole and punches me in the kidney, and says “What’s up fool?”. I mean I had already had a girlfriend for a few years when some of my what I would class as real world friends (not facebook) didn’t even know, and when hearing about it could not believe it. They thought I was for sure too messed up to ever have a girlfriend, or that I was gay. Then when I said, yes, I live with her, she has two kids, they pretty much just had a brain meltdown. WTFaaahhhhh? YOU are a step dad?

So what I am saying is, that I know it looks crazy, but JQRacing isn’t here because of luck, or chance. It’s actually not bigger than it is, because of some very bad luck, and a couple bad choices. What I am saying is, that JQRacing is here because I think about what I do, from all angles I can, I speak with some others about it, I make a plan, and then at some point I got “fuck it”, and I just wing it. I do whatever it is that needs to be done, and I do it until it is done. I’m not afraid to get up at 7:30 and go to bet at 2:30 because I need to get something done. I don’t blog about updating the web shop or doing price lists, or working with vendors or customers, or about book keeping or paying bills, because that’s boring, but it’s not like I don’t do it. This has to do with something I wrote about before, the grass is always greener on the other side.

It looks like I just go to the RC track and mess around, I never work and I don’t have a “real job”, and that’s fine that people think that. But if I only did that, I wouldn’t be here anymore, and that’s what these industry people are missing. They go home to their families. I go home to work, because they have made it in their minds, and I have not. One day I will have made it too, and that’s when I will go home to my family.

Great Last Race – Learning From The WC.


Today was the 2nd night I raced the PR Racing FM, the laydown gearbox 2wd. This time I figured it out, and got it really good. In the morning I played around in CAD and did one of my magic setups, in theory at least. The car wasn’t feeling balanced, so I balanced it out on the computer. I was super excited to try it on the track, and once again, theory beats hours of trial and error at the track. Once I got the full setup on I had come up with, moving the front and rear camber links to new locations, as well as reducing downtravel, and adjusting camber, it was super good! I actually managed to run the best 2wd race I have ever done, even leading at one point as Rivkin crashed.

Then something happened that frustrates the shit out of me. I made a stupid mistake while leading, because I was impatient. I mean with the World Champion behind you, you kind of just have to go for it, but still. I was coming up to lap a driver, and instead of playing it safe at the end of the straight, I took an inside line, and clipped the pipe at the end of the straight. What I should have done is slow down more on the normal line, then pass the driver safely, as it would have been really unlikely that Spencer could have passes me there. Hindsight is 20-20, but after watching so many races for the win, I should have known better. It’s not like I would have beat Spencer, but I could have held him behind me for a few more laps maybe. When you are leading the race, you control the pace, so don’t take unnecessary risks, where you can lose the lead. It’s so stupid to let the other guy by because you crash. Go just as fast as you can, while being safe, and block every passing line. But at the end of the race, to be only just over 7 seconds behind Rivkin after 7 minutes, I’ll take it! That’s 1 second a minute. 1 second a minute? That’s not something that feels impossible to figure out. It used to be 1 second A LAP!

Best action after 4:25.

In 4wd Spencer raced the main, and we had a good battle. It was good to race close to a better driver than me, so I could see where I am losing time, and where I am doing well. What I could tell, was that in the tight corners, my perfect corner was Spencer’s average corner. I need to step up the corner speed in the slow sections. And on this layout, landing the quad and going into the next section I am also slow. The best way to learn to be faster once you are consistently fast, is to race close to someone faster. Just a few laps will already teach you a lot if you are paying attention. Also, it’s so much fun to do!

The Power of Our Minds

The grass is always greener on the other side. Right now I can honestly say, I love my life. Don’t worry be happy. It’s all going to be ok! What a journey life is, there are no right moves, just try to make interesting ones. Actually working on improving my driving has made me a happier person. I suck a bit less, and that has made me happier. Deciding to enjoy myself more has done wonders. Figuring out how to work on the company without burning out, also a plus. JQThreads, also a plus. 2017 is looking exciting.

Being Liked vs. Being Right


One thing that I think is quite obvious, is that I’m never going to be one to step in line, put on a suit and tie, and play the game. I look at the world, and I see a lot of greatness, but also a lot of utter human produced shit. Unfortunately, we have reached the point, where simply existing in this world almost automatically makes you a part of the problem, because of the society we have ended up with. What I have thought about, is how to balance the scales so the positive trumps the negative, when you are done with your life.

My opinion is that in this world, if you want to be successful the standard approach is to put financially motivated blinkers on, proceed to be a homogeneous cog of society, specifically of the tribe you were born into. Work on accepting the problems of the world without question, be a good person, but don’t worry about being or becoming part of the problem. Don’t think that far.

Child labour is a problem, it would be better if kids could go to school, but this is such a great deal! I’m gonna buy this one. We all do that, it’s impossible to know everything about what you consume. Next step, as a company, this vendor is a bit dodgy, but it’s such a great deal, I’ll go for it, I can just turn a blind eye. It’s easier to do this, however, even if you try to do the right thing, you can still end up being part of the problem. It’s difficult to be responsible.

Business is business. IBM sold punch card technology to the Nazies, they were used to organise the holocaust. You know Hugo Boss began by supplying the Nazies their uniforms? Do you think the people in charge were worried about being good, or worried about making money? I think we all know the answer.

Since we are on the subject, how was it possible that the holocaust even took place? I mean what were regular good Germans doing? What was the rest of the world doing? How was it possible to have segregation in America? You know why it was possible? Because good people didn’t dare risk being labeled as a “jew sympathiser”, or as a “nigger lover”. There were real world implications to that! Best just play along!

So on my journey through life, I have made sure of one thing, I will not knowingly be part of the problem. I’m not going to wear blinkers, and I will knock yours off your face if I’m given a chance. You can pick them up and put them back on, or you can learn, but I won’t just walk by. I know that it’s harder to be successful this way, I know that if you have an opinion you automatically divide people, and that it will reduce your potential customer base. But instead of turning vanilla, I think it is a lot better to work on improving the methods of communication and define the message better. That will mean more people will understand what I am trying to say, and less people will draw the wrong conclusions, such as for example that I hate America, which obviously is against everything I believe in. Speaking out is one thing, and actually doing something is another, and in my life I want to cover both. Just getting the hang of part one here first!