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Some minor packing going on!

Been a bit quiet on here, compared to normal. That’s mostly because after 6 months I am moving back to Europe, and it’s always surprisingly hard to uproot your life and move. It’s 3am again, what a surprise, and tomorrow I’m flying back home. It’s been emotional.

Race a BLACK Edition at The Neo Race 2017 With FACTORY Support

JQRacing is offering ONE driver who does not already drive a JQ chassis the chance to drive a Black Edition for the whole event.


Please contact JQ Racing Team manager Liam Galvin to register your interest.


– Driver applicants must already have a confirmed and paid entry to The Neo Race 2017.

– The successful driver applicant will be informed no later than evening Tuesday 11th April.

– A race ready chassis will be provided as well as any spare parts required.

– The driver will have to put up with JQ’s verbal abuse throughout the event.

ONLY the chassis (+body shell and wing) are provided NOT the engine, tyres, wheels, servos, Tx, Rx, Rx battery or fuel or any other items necessary to race the vehicle.

– If a NON JQR driver does not enter or accept this offer, then a current JQ drivers who does not yet own a BLACK Edition will be eligible to use the chassis at the event.

San Diego Supercross


Saturday was a Supercross kind of day! Juha Aromaa and Karri Salmela are over here for the Reedy Race of Champions, and we took a day off from RC and headed down to San Diego in the morning for the 2nd round of the AMA Supercross series! For whatever reason the boys had created their “Rap Names”, Juha is now known as “Phatty J”, Karri is “Skinny K”, and I was unanimously voted to be “Dumb J”.

The supercross was awesome. The racing was great this time, unlike Anaheim 1, the 250 main was epic, with Davalos’ late implosion leading to a hectic finish. And team Europe dominated again, that was great to see! Can’t wait for A2 next week.

On the topic of names, I think it’s strange how they often ask you for your name when you order food at a number of American establishments. This time Juha became “John”, Karri became “Kenny”, and as for me, I always say my name is Jesus, just because I want them to call out loud for Jesus. They always pull the “Hesus” card on me, but I’m going to succeed! I feel like we should have gone with our rap names.

We had a pretty funny incident occur after the SX race. As we were walking through the pits, we were debating weather we should swing by the Kawi pits, or head to a bar for a few beers, so I said, in Finnish “You know what, let’s just go to a bar, Tomac has really small tits anyway.” Just as I said that, a Samoan looking guy butts in, IN FINNISH, “Hey, are you from Finland?” Hilarious, after that, every time any of us said something strange, we looked around to check for Finnish speakers.


HRC Engineers anxiously checking for the latest JQ blog post.

HRC Engineers anxiously checking for the latest JQ blog post.

Not only do I always pick the wrong line pretty much anywhere I need to stand in line, I also choose the wrong place to sit.

Not only do I always pick the wrong line pretty much anywhere I need to stand in line, I also choose the wrong place to sit.

Skinny K and Dumb J after Team Europe beat Team USA.

Skinny K and Dumb J after Team Europe beat Team USA.

Look at that, LOOK AT THAT!

Look at that, LOOK AT THAT!

Phat J working on his rap name

Phat J working on his rap name

Insane Day


Today was such a great day, blog posts for days. But now it’s too late, and I have to get up too early, in about 5 hours from now. I need to go. But long story short for now, I did some dirt bike riding! Went to Ocotillo Wells, if you don’t know, google it! I was an experience, that’s for sure!

Then I headed to OCRC for club racing, and was on the pace, better than ever. Now only 5 seconds or so off the 2WD 5min track record. That my friends is UNHEARD OF! PR Racing 2wd is on point! Anyway, lot’s to talk about there, but some other time.


School Kills


I thought I had seen it all, but today I saw an even better one!

Lost in Translation

Best texts seen on shirts:

“Gonromery Alabama”

“Dreaw Team”

“Heep Your”

“It Form Black Jungle Powerful”

This must be what Japanese think when they see SuperDry.


Week Ends

You know that in China it’s normal for workers to only get two days off a month? Every 2nd Sunday. Work days are from 8am-10pm with two longer, 1 hour breaks. So stop complaining!!! #Made in China

Ketchup in Chinese


If you know me at all, you will know that no meal is complete without some ketchup, preferably Heinz.

After struggling to get my point across in my hotel, where the English language has not yet been discovered, eventually gaining traction after I found a tomato to point to, and making rude farting noises and ketchup applying hand gestures, I have now found an easier way to ask for Ketchup.

Fang tsiee tsianh = Tomato Sauce

Impossible to spell obviously, and sounds that aren’t familiar to me, but it works. My tomato sauce in Chinese acent is evidently hilarious, but equally effective. A man’s got to have his ketchup!

That reminds me, why do Americans find it so strange that I put ketchup on pasta? What’s wrong with you? It’s practically made for pasta!

I Hate Flying

Traveling is great, once you are at your destination. The getting there is the hard part. What a head ache! Well I made it, I’m in China, ready to work on 2017, it’s going to be emotional.