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Dialed In Raceway – I Made it More Dialed.

The above track is Dialed In Raceway in Victorville. Even though it’s pretty much in Northern California, it is the best track for SoCal residents. Revelation Raceway is in a better location, but the dirt is worse than hemorrhoids (I’m guessing here obviously). Thunder Alley is up there too, but unfortunately it’s never open. It’s like a fucking diorama, look don’t touch.

Anyway, as you can see above, the track has a new lay out. Now, it is really very good, but our World Champ David RONNEfalk had a slight issue. There is a blind spot 2nd lane from the back left corner. See it? Well, Brent ASS-Ton who runs the track, is a really great guy (or so I thought), and he immediately got all emotional because the World Champ wasn’t 100% happy. So this is what he did.

An unreasonable tractor.

First he tricked me to go to the track to practice. Then he got this ridiculous tractor and dumped a pile of dirt in the blind spot, and handed me a shovel. Basically Brent can’t drive a tractor to save his life. I guess he got the pile in the right general area, but there was definitely ample room to improve his skills.

He then forced me to shovel this goddamn pile of dirt for at least an hour, into what resembled a sort of corner spine, hip-roller, JQ CORNER, while he sipped on his Starbucks and verbally abused me.

Btw, Ass-ton, get it?

Brent did however then pack the new section while I rested.

So there you go, Dialed In Raceway is now officially Dialed.

Unreasonable Blog Post

So you want to know how I really feel? Ever since I started racing RC Cars my goal was always to win. I started late, I was 16 already, so I had some catching up to do. I practiced as much as I could. When I first went to America I entered the Pro class, because I wanted to see how far off I was from the best. Anything less than the best didn’t interest me.

Just before I started my company I was getting fast, I qualified 2nd at the Euros, I had the best lap in a Euros A main, I checked out in a Worlds semi final by 7 seconds (yes worlds) before flaming out. I was a paid driver traveling the world, and I was about to have a breakthrough race. That’s when I had the brilliant idea of making my own car.

6 years into my super idea, and things just were not going to plan. An insane amount of dedication and work, and no financial success, quite the opposite, and no good results at the races either. I spent the next 2-3 years or so rather depressed and mad. Life wasn’t fun at all because I gave up my dream of winning for this brilliant idea I had of making my own car.

And then things began falling in place. I realised that the best thing about what I am doing, is the journey, I need to enjoy it. Regardless of if I achieve my goals or not, the journey is what matters. At the same time I figured out my car and I began enjoying driving and racing. You remember the “Japanese Magic”? Well the BLACK Edition has “Finnish Magic”, I look forward to going to the track, because the car isn’t limiting me, I run out of talent first. I could start working on my driving. I kissed my girlfriend good bye, and began re-virginising myself. It took me 9 years, but for the 10th year anniversary of my fabulous idea, I’m back where I was, only not as fast as before, in relation to the others.

But now I am happy again, because I have an awesome car, and my company is at a point where I can focus more on my driving and my racing, and one day I will kick everyone’s ass. At some race, some day. That’s why I am writing this at 1:30am, and I am going to get up at 8am tomorrow, drive 1h20min to the track and practice.

What I want is unreasonable, and for me to achieve it, I need to be unreasonable too.


Strange DNC Prep


I found your problem dude!

Well, after a mega wrenching session yesterday, today was easier, with only some final adjustments to do. Degani was too fat and short to fix his satellite dish that got messed up in the storm, so he sent me up there.

Now all cars are prepared, my own Nitro and EP Black Editions, my AE Truggy (oh man), Degani’s Black Edition that I built for him, J Smoker’s new Black Edition EP and Nitro that I also built. A lot of building, but now it’s all done.

DNC17 #campinglife 2.0. The best way to attend the DNC is to camp at the track. Long days are easier when you have your own living room and bed at the track! Should be fun.


Shopping for supplies got Degani all excited!

The Difference Between a WC’s DNC Prep & an #rcgypsy’s Prep


If you have been following this daily blog for any length of time, you will have noticed that I am a student of racing, driving, and car setup. In my quest to improve, and achieve something cool one day as a driver, I do not limit myself to that. Preparation is key, and while I am really meticulous when it comes to preventive maintenance, and finishing races, I have not been very good at getting the most out of my equipment. I very, very rarely have a mechanical issues put me out of a race. During the last 10 years, you can probably count on one had the mechanical failures I have had, and since I left Novarossi, you can count the flame outs on one hand too. Actually I can’t think of a single one due to anything else than a marshal stopping my car once, and running out of fuel. I practically always finish. (MASSIVE KNOCK ON WOOD, #NOJINX)

However, when it comes to getting the most of my equipment, I haven’t been very good. Change diff oils? Fuck that, I’m tired, I’ll have a beer instead. You see I am a very calculating person when it comes to my energy expenditure. I’m not willing to push myself into “suffering” if I don’t think it’s worth it. The last few years I have “known” and believed in my heart that I’m not good enough to win with the car I have, so I haven’t bothered to go the extra mile. A year ago I knew that my car was about to be one of the very best, so I began working on my driving. I began going the extra mile. Instead of working on the website (or having a beer), I worked on my driving.

In that same spirit, another change is going the extra mile when it comes to equipment. Studying the very best drivers in our sport, one thing is clear, their equipment is prepared to a clinically determinable OCD level. Unlike your regular OCD Sunday clubracer, for the top drivers in the game, it actually makes a difference. Making the most out of your equipment is essential.

I have found, that rebuilding diffs, going over everything on the car, in addition to working as a sort of placebo “my car is so dialed” way, it actually can gain time on the track. It seems that it tends to average out as about 0.3 seconds a lap on a 35 second lap, and an improvement in consistency. So let’s say in a 5 min qualifying run, that’s about  5 seconds, give or take. That my friends, is a big difference, and all thanks to going the extra mile.

So in 2017, and the next few years, I am going to go the extra mile. Most likely I will still be slightly more gypsy like than Cavalieri above, but you can be sure that what matters, the equipment, will be spot on.

Handegg Super Bowl – Maximum Gay

football-is-gayToday there is a major handegg match, the annual “Super Bowl”. This year the Patriots from New England are playing the Atlanta Falcons. This “Super Bowl” is one of the biggest events in America, so I thought I would give you my take on it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, it’s basically totally designed for TV, and people with an attention disorder. The longest play in the history of the game, without the referee’s whistle interrupting, creating a break to scratch your nuts and cut to commercial, has been recorded as 4.2 seconds, back in 1975. Today the average length of each play is about 0.9 seconds, and in a 3 hour game, there is a total of 57 seconds of the actual game being played, 2 hours of commercials, and just under an hour of close ups of men in tights standing around, while part of the screen shows useless stats.

In between all the commercials, for the fractions of a second that the referee actually allows the game to be played, the objective is to get the egg (ball for Americans apparently), and get it to the opponent’s end of the field. There are a lot of rules in the game, in order to create more breaks for commercials. As soon as it looks like it might get interesting and dicey, the referee blows the whistle. Basically every play goes like this.

  1. Both teams line up
  2. One team has the ball, and one of the players hands it back to a player that knows how to throw it.
  3. All the fat guys on both teams smash into each other and fall over.
  4. All the skinny guys run around in circles like idiots.
  5. The guy that can throw, throws the ball.
  6. One of the skinny idiots running around may or may not catch the ball.
  7. Regardless of outcome, the referee finds an excuse to blow the whistle.

Below are the 3 best things about this game.

  1. They called it “Super Bowl”, and “National Football League”. American’s actually realised that only Americans give a shit, no it’s not a “World Series” or a “World Championship.” Calling it football is bad enough.
  2. The movie “Concussion”, Will Smith was in it, so it had to be good.
  3. I went to a handegg match in St Louis with the Wheelers back in the day. The most interesting part of the game was the cheerleaders, whom I was stalking until Mrs Wheeler identified what I was doing with her binoculars, and confiscated them. I then leaned back and put my elbow in someones beer by mistake. That was the highlight of the game for me, and the low point for the guy whose beer it was.

As for today’s game, I hope the Falcons win, simply because I think there is a far too much patriotism in this country, and we can’t have any more of it. It’s already at critically high levels, and a patriot win just might bring on the apocalypse.


AZ is Too Far From Orange County

carTesting all day at Fear Farm in AZ today, and just got back to Orange County. A bit far, 6h or so. Too tired to write anything. Will do so tomorrow. Over and out!

When You Are An Idiot – You Don’t See The Obvious


I was going to write about Reedy Race 3rd-6th today, but then something happend. It happens so rarely that I just have to document this moment. In times of mental weakness, I will be able to look back at this post, and stop feeling sorry for myself.

I’m out here in Phoenix Arizona for some testing, pre-DNC, and of course, you guessed, it Supercross. I’m in my shitty Motel 6 room, working on my car, and I’m almost done, so I stand up, I do what all RC racers do, I work the shocks, and for a fraction of a second I remember how when I first discovered RC cars, I was so amazed at the suspension. I immediately think:

“Wait a minute, back then it was a Kyosho Mp6, this is my car. WTF? Wait a minute, I made this car, this is MY car. How did I manage to make my own car? I’m a fucking village idiot from Finland? Oh man, I need to focus, this is kind of cool, I have my own RC car.”

I swear that’s what went through my mind in a fraction of a second. I had an epiphany I guess. Hey I did this! Somehow when you live it, you don’t even realise what’s going on. It happens so gradually. I wish I could feel special all the time, but I don’t, I feel like just another idiot, trying to do something cool. Last time it happened it was when I was staring at Cody King’s paint job on a Kyosho box, and caught myself thinking “That’s pretty cool, he got his paint job on the box.”, until I realised, so did I, and it’s my car!

It’s moments like these that help motivate me. I have worked so hard, for so many years, and most of the time I just feel like I’m not getting anywhere. But these brief moments, I get a glimpse of success, and it just fills those batteries up with 1000amps. I’m going to make it, no matter what the haters say. One day the JQ car will win.

If you didn’t know it before, now you now, I’m unfortunately completely nuts. Well, we can’t have everything I guess 🙂


Reedy Race PRACTICE, We Talkin’ ’bout PRACTICE! PRACTICE!


Let me tell you a story. This year, well technically last year, in November, I met this young man by the name of Jacob Mayonnaise, known to most as Jake Mayo. I had never spoken to this guy before, although I do believe he has beat me at OCRC before, because I remember thinking who the hell that asshole is that is so fast. Anyway, this time we spoke, and turns out this fool is a funny guy, and very fast.

This is his first Reedy Invitational class event, and Jake had carefully built a brand new AE B6 4wd, and meticulously prepared a special lightweight body for it, with nice paint job, it sort of looks like mayo gone bad. He spent hours cutting it out, sanding the edges, applying the stickers perfectly, everything was ready for the Reedy Race.


First practice, possibly the first timed lap, I was obviously already on a heater. I mean this is practice, I take it pretty seriously, it’s the only thing I can win at this point. And I did, TQed the 1st round of practice, so I was moving. Jake however, took a more calculated, and cautious approach, which lead to him single doubling the tricky step down jump. I obviously doubled the shit out of that thing. I waffle stomped onto his car almost as impressively as the infamous Wally “Wafflestomp” Walnutz back in the day. I smashed straight through Mayo’s body and cracked and dented it. So sorry Mayo, welcome to the invitational class. This is nothing, wait until you are mid pack in a race, leave those lightweight bodies at home dude!

In other news, I may or may not have underestimated Dustin Evan’s pace. Tessmann also looks fast, but I’m sticking to what I wrote yesterday. Being fast and racing well through the pack are two different things.




Silly Season Wrap Up -90% Perfection

I think most deals are announced now. You know how genius I was? Out of the 24 predictions I got 22 right. I missfired on King and Aigoin. Not bad, not bad at all. Let’s take a look shall we: (A more detailed 2017 prediction post will follow)


Ryan Maifield – Leaves TLR – Joins Mugen – Never lets go of throttle.

Yes, it happened, Maifield joins Mugen, and Yokomo for 1:10th. Looks like 1:8th program is on point. 1:10th program needs some setup work!


Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – So nothing really changes.

Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – Already has a dialed setup.

Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – Already has all the spare parts.

Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – Basically in order to make the car match his blue cooling head.

Ongaro did in fact go to AE, and he was immediately dialed. What a surprise!


Cody King – Leaves Kyosho – Joins JQRacing – Paul King Stays with Kyosho.

Well I almost got this, just substitute JQRacing with HB. And once Paul King get’s out of intensive care, he will most likely stay with Kyosho.


Jerome Aigoin – Leaves Kyosho – Linked to Mugen- Americans are now asking “Who is Jerome Aigoin?”

I should have seen this one coming. I am disappointed in my lack of foresight. His brother sells Xray, and runs it. Seems so obvious now.


Jared Tebo – Staying with Kyosho – Yawn.

Got it. Didn’t believe the rumours.


Joseph Quagraine – Fires himself – Buys his spot back on THE Team.

Yep, it cost me a lot, but I had to do it.


Ty Tessmann – Leaves HB – Joins Xray? – If it is God’s will.

It was God’s will. Tessmann really did go to Xray!


Juha Aromaa – Stays with TLR for 1:10th scale, because he is dominating.

Well, he showed up at OCRC running TLR’s!


Baldo Brothers – Leave Mugen – Join TLR – Culture Shock Imminent

Well I’ll be damned, got it!

quintonDaniel “Mr Party” Quinton – Stays with Kyosho – Meaning he still buys Kyoshos, moving Kanai-san ever so close to that new Ferrari.

Still paying for Kanai’s Ferrari!


Atsushi Hara – Dude, I bet he doesn’t even know what he is doing himself. Possible onroad career ahead.

I was right in the way, that Hara still doesn’t know what he is doing.


Jeremy Kortz – Can’t leave anyone because he is not on a team – Does not sign with anyone.

Kortz is still not signed with anyone, and it’s still 0-0, for another month!

IMG_4057[1]Max Mört – Stays with JQRacing – Mainly due to severe threat to his life if he leaves.

Max has confirmed that he does not want to die yet. Too much to live for at the moment.


JC have Maifield, Rivkin, Ogden, Savoya, they are good right? Well about to get a whole lot better. I have heard that David Ronnefalk to JC is a done deal, and Ryan Cavalieri is possible.

Got all those!


Then again, with the rumours of Tebo and Phend going to AKA, it just makes this whole scenario not make any sense. Haven’t heard anything about Lutz, staying put I believe.

And all these!


Haven’t really heard anything about European drivers and PL. Even if Tebo and Phend did leave, they still have a ton of great drivers, like Boots, Drake, King, Cragg, Aigoin, Berton and Tessmann. I would not be surprised to see more drivers out though.

Yep, all good, just add McBride there.


Dave Wentz – Kyosho to JQRacing – The Earth’s Orbit adjusts to this news.

Dave is being mysterious. No one knows exactly what is going on!


Robert Battle – Modelix (ProCircuit – Ultimate) Out – AKA and Picco In – Mind blown.

Yes it really did happen!


Barry Baker – Comeback? – Old School: instead of social media drama, he brings it in reality.

This was a genius one, and it ended up being Serpent!


Cameron Kyle Neff – Stays with SWorkz – No One Cares.

As predicted, no one cared!


Davide Ongaro – Adds traction to his program – This could go either way.

Well would you believe it, I called it right. Now we just need to see what happens this summer!


Alex Zanchettin – Leaves TLR for Tekno – Upgrade in $$$, Downgrade in handling.

Did go to Tekno, let’s see how he handles the handling!


Team Orion – Downsizes team after Ronnefalk’s Worlds Bonus empties bank account.

Cavalieri and Phend did leave, haven’t seen anyone added, but yet to be announced Cody King to HB and Orion.


Honorable Mention – Marc Rheinard – Tamiya back to only caring about plastic models.

I said he goes to Infinity, it hasn’t been announced, but I’m just going to announce it. If he isn’t going to Infinity I’ll go there.


Joseph Quagraine – JQ deal fell through due to lack of pace in mains – Retires and gets real job.

I was WRONG. At the last moment I managed to win OCRC Wednesday Night Worlds in 2wd, which was so impressive, that I convinced myself to give me another year to prove myself. The 17th year is bound to be the one, it’s the right time, its JQ time finally. I’m going to JQ the shit out of 2017.

San Diego Supercross


Saturday was a Supercross kind of day! Juha Aromaa and Karri Salmela are over here for the Reedy Race of Champions, and we took a day off from RC and headed down to San Diego in the morning for the 2nd round of the AMA Supercross series! For whatever reason the boys had created their “Rap Names”, Juha is now known as “Phatty J”, Karri is “Skinny K”, and I was unanimously voted to be “Dumb J”.

The supercross was awesome. The racing was great this time, unlike Anaheim 1, the 250 main was epic, with Davalos’ late implosion leading to a hectic finish. And team Europe dominated again, that was great to see! Can’t wait for A2 next week.

On the topic of names, I think it’s strange how they often ask you for your name when you order food at a number of American establishments. This time Juha became “John”, Karri became “Kenny”, and as for me, I always say my name is Jesus, just because I want them to call out loud for Jesus. They always pull the “Hesus” card on me, but I’m going to succeed! I feel like we should have gone with our rap names.

We had a pretty funny incident occur after the SX race. As we were walking through the pits, we were debating weather we should swing by the Kawi pits, or head to a bar for a few beers, so I said, in Finnish “You know what, let’s just go to a bar, Tomac has really small tits anyway.” Just as I said that, a Samoan looking guy butts in, IN FINNISH, “Hey, are you from Finland?” Hilarious, after that, every time any of us said something strange, we looked around to check for Finnish speakers.


HRC Engineers anxiously checking for the latest JQ blog post.

HRC Engineers anxiously checking for the latest JQ blog post.

Not only do I always pick the wrong line pretty much anywhere I need to stand in line, I also choose the wrong place to sit.

Not only do I always pick the wrong line pretty much anywhere I need to stand in line, I also choose the wrong place to sit.

Skinny K and Dumb J after Team Europe beat Team USA.

Skinny K and Dumb J after Team Europe beat Team USA.

Look at that, LOOK AT THAT!

Look at that, LOOK AT THAT!

Phat J working on his rap name

Phat J working on his rap name