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Fall Brawl – 6am to 6pm, pretty much – MAINS!!!


Today was all about mains. Frank, my protege of the week end had qualified in the lowest main. OH MAN! How did this happen. Well partly because this is his first big race. So after a quick pep talk, it was all business. A sip of moonshine for warmth, fist pump, you can do this. The main starts and it doesn’t look good. Then something clicked and Frank laid down some incredible sections and lines, landed jumps perfect, WHAT THE….. Ken Tackett and me couldn’t believe it. What was going on. Frank reeled in the leader and finished a close 2nd, bumping to the next main. That’s how you do it. One friend down, one to go, Jordan Hardwick, how do you like THEM apples?

Is this

Is this “Redneck Fabrications”? This was dialed.

Next race, things were getting tense, this was going to be a really tough one. Franks other racing buddy Lukas was in this one, all American flagged out, racing his superdialed Losi. Sorry, TLR. I think Frank had higher goals, he was going for the win, me, I just wanted Frank to beat his friends. The race was on, it was crazy as only the lower mains could be. You know how you watch a car and it’s all going well, then it’s as if a grenade goes off under it and it exits stage right, taking out someone in the process. Never ending entertainment. I had tried to speak to Frank about staying calm, keeping his cool, but he had moments of overly ambitious moves that ended in some spectacular Cirque du Soleil shit. Ryan Lutz was out there marshalling, I don’t know why, the guy is nuts if you ask me. After all the carnage, it came down to the last lap, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Last lap, the American flag TLR was straight ahead, Frank had re-found his groove. He wasn’t going to let Lukas Whatshisname beat him. And 3 corners from the finish Lukas caught a pipe, Frank was through, and he MADE IT! He beat his racing friends, my job was done. Awesome. It was maybe 7:30am, and we headed back home, for some more sleep.

Quote of the event:

JQ, have you ever thought about making a Truggy?

-Yes, for about 3 seconds…(Walks away)

Here’s a short report from Frank:

Running the Gauntlet with JQ…. WHAT A WEEKEND!!! I feel that as a relatively newcomer to this sport, and thinking that I know a decent amount about how to drive and race, I was sorely mistaken. JQ is not only down to earth, but a genuine human being and was kind enough to share his wisdom of what makes a driver not just a hobbyist. He has a great vehicle, and the knowledge of how to use it equivalent to what a world champion F1 driver would possess. Over the weekend I felt as though I ran an RC Gauntlet, and it surely paid. He is a plethora of knowledge, skills and more importantly, humanity. Not knowing me before this weekend, he has started the process of turning me into a competitive driver, and for that I am eternally greatful. Anyone out there looking into getting into RC, JQ offers top notch products and if you ever read his blogs, drops tons of knowledge. The Fall Brawl was my first big race ever, and he showed me that I CAN drive like I want to with a little dedication and focus.

Parker Tackett knows what's good!

Parker Tackett knows what’s good!

Parker Tackett and Todd Tucker were also racing their JQ’s, with both of them bumping at least once, Todd looking very good in his electric main, winning after a solid performance. Parker bumped into the Jr main so he got to race the big A! Great job Parker, and you are clearly a superior driver to your dad. He needs to consider becoming full time mechanic. :-p. TJ Pollard was also about to run his eCar main when his speedo decided to go on vacation some place warmer. Damn eCars! Better luck next time dude! I know a guy doing good deals on nitro cars! 🙂

Todd Tucker before his nitro main. Got that REDS motor purring warming up

Todd Tucker before his nitro main. Got that REDS motor purring warming up

As for me, this being the first time here, I now know better what to expect. I need to figure out the tyre saucing situation, I didn’t use any and do believe it hurt me, and I need to bring different tyres and compounds. Looks like you need super soft and clay, and small pins, indoor tyres basically. This was an indoor track outdoors lol. Regardless of that, I did make the main, I finished 8th, and had no problems during the whole event. Cole Ogden was leading and looking good but his tyres came unglued. Ryan Lutz ended up winning. In truggy Cole Ogden won, and in eCar JR Mitch won, so 3 classes, 3 different brands and drivers won. That’s quite unusual I think!

Big thank you to everyone here for putting on the race, and to Frank and friends for all the great hospitality. I had a lot of fun, even though the result was not what I wanted.

Fall Brawl 2016 – Myrtle Beach SC

img_52491I’m over here in Myrtle Beach South Carolina for the Fall Brawl race. The track is super nice, and I can’t wait for the race to start tomorrow. Today was practice, and as is usual in America, it was a complete joke. Stand in line for 15-20min and drive for 5. Maybe get another run in, and then wait for 5 hours until you can stand in line again. I really wonder when race organisers here will understand how much better controlled practice in heats is. Everyone gets the same track time, and there is no need to waste your life standing in line. Here’s hoping it will happen!

A really great turn out here, and I’m hoping the weather stays sunny. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

JBRL Finals at ProLine


Believe it or not, I have never raced at the ProLine track! They have just never hosted a race jan-march I guess! Well, tomorrow I will finally get to race there. The track is awesome, big, and true US style, nice jumps and rhythm sections, and it’s going to get bumpy! Awesome, I can’t wait.

Today was practice, and we tried a few different things on the car. Working on corner speed, need more corner speed! Got something good going, but needed to settle the rear end a bit. Remember what to do? Lower the entire rear link, 1 hole down to middle tower, and lower middle on hub. That was just what the car needed, settled the rear end down nicely. Car should be really good tomorrow.

This race I will again be focusing on my driving. I need to be more aggressive, and faster. Let’s see how it goes. I need to maintain the control I have of the car, but sort of send it more 😀 Could go well, like it did at TA a week ago, could be a disaster. Tomorrow we will see. Car is good, need to work on my driving. That’s where we are at!

Top Notch Series Race 1 Setup & Driving


A couple of notes about yesterdays race at Thunder Alley. As I wrote yesterday, I managed to TQ, but then had a bit of a brain fade moment in the main and finished 3rd. I thought I would give you my thoughts on the setup that made this performance possible, and the reasons for me blowing out in the main.


I have posted my setup here. The two main things that I changed at Thunder Alley that made the car really good, were the rear swaybar up to 2.6mm, and the front pistons to 7 hole 1.2mm from 5 hole 1.4mm.

The thicker rear swaybar made the car go through the sweepers much better, and stopped it from getting out of shape when accelerating out of corners into jumps. I was able to drive more aggressively without losing control.

I changed the front pistons due to the bumpy surface. The 5 hole pistons are really good on most tracks, but if the racing line gets bumpy, they make the car a bit unpredictable. You will find that you are correcting the direction of the car a lot. Changing to the 7 hole pistons will be better in these conditions, as the car will be more neutral and more easily for where you want it to go. I ran 32.5wt in the 5 hole, and 27.5 in the 7 hole pistons. Both flat pistons.


In qualifying my car was really good, and I was driving comfortably and with some more confidence than normal. This showed as my pace was good, and I was able to push even more, and lower my lap times when needed. A track like Thunder Alley is very different from anything we have in Europe, and it requires a very different sort of focus and driving style in my opinion, so I was quite frankly a bit surprised at my pace. One thing I was focusing on was to be more aggressive, and be harder on the gas exiting corners, as well as when landing jumps, as I have written on here before. Maybe the focus on these details is beginning to pay off.

What I need to practice more for US races, is racing at night. The mains are always at night, and I’m not very good under the lights. Everything seems to happen so much faster, and I’m not as calm as in the daytime. Also, in the mains the intensity is different than in qualifying. Everyone is pushing 100% and you are driving in traffic, trying to pass the car ahead, and defending from the car behind. I need to be more assertive in these conditions and feel like I belong up there. I need to drive with confidence, and not be too careful, and the results will be better. The best way to gain confidence for me, is to practice even more with the setup that I am running now, to become more confident with the car, and also do more of these races where I can be racing at the front. This will stop those blackout moments where everything goes wrong for a lap or two, which happened to me at this race! You can’t afford any bad moments like that if you want to win.

Feelings Are About to Get Hurt at Thunder Alley


Tomorrow, the first of the last few showdowns of the season, JQ vs. Kyosho C-Team Jeremy Kortz. Team culinary expert Greg Degani was too lazy to attend, as he is most likely sneaking in the odd donut after the tough ordeal that was the worlds.

As you know, if you have followed this blog, one of my former RC heroes, turned rival, Jeremy Kortz switched to Kyosho after a 1 year stint running the JQ car. He thought he would be faster, but with the help of World Champion Greg Degani, we took him down. Kortz is now at an insurmountable deficit of about 8 losses. There’s just not enough races for him to catch us this year. Sorry Beeesh!

So now this is just for shits and giggles, but it’s on. Tomorrow at Thunder Alley I predict the shit will hit the fan, and some feelings will be hurt. Time will tell what level of the “n-word” will be reached, but a good dose of it is almost guaranteed. Unfortunately the layout does not feature any bowl turns or burms, but there are a couple of tricky inside lines you can pull on an unsuspecting rival.

This is what we like to see. Kortz losing bets, handing over money.

Landing Jumps at Revelation Raceway

The layout at Revelation Raceway isn’t the best, but it’s good for something. One thing that I suck at, is being fast immediately once I land a jump. I tend to hesitate. So this is the focus on this layout. Land on power, and nail the next corner. Something to think about when driving. I always thought Ryan Cavalieri is the best at landing with the slingshot effect.

Club Racing in America

Tuesday Night Nationals at HotrodHobbies tonight. I TQed and Degani qualified. I won and Degani BLEW OOOUTTT!!!

Tuesday Night Nationals at Hot Rod Hobbies tonight. I TQed and Degani qualified 2nd. I won and Degani BLEW OOOUTTT!!!:-p

One of the great things about spending time with your RC Cars in America, is that you can race almost every day of the week. And actually, this is a really bad time for club racing, it used to be better in the past! If you run 1:8th and 1:10th, you can club race Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the area I am staying. Maybe even Thursday, hell I haven’t checked! Do you still wonder why there are so many fast American racers?

Club racing has been dying out, probably partly due to all the bigger money grabbing races that offer low value to your average racer that attends. A lot of money, a lot of time, and the same track time you get at a weekly club race! Not good for our sport in my opinion, I hope race organisers start running races with the actual racers in mind again, instead of just inventing classes and trying to maximise entries. Maximise fun instead!

Actually, for me, the most fun I have ever had running RC cars, has been back when we used to race modified touring cars on carpet in a relatively small bomb shelter in Finland. There were about 5-6 of us, and on the best nights we had some EPIC battles, I remember some crazy overtaking manouvers, and bumper to bumper action. One night a guy got a bit too ambitious going down the back straight, hit the wall and his car bounced 6ft up in the air into the rock wall. The rest of us had to pull off because we were laughing so hard. Club nights, and club racing is the best, when you get the same group of people going week after week, that’s when it gets really fun. Just need to make sure not to Neff out and create unecessary tension. Keep it fun! I never understood why we don’t do more club racing in Europe!



1:8th Buggy World Championship Series


Think of your favourite motorsport, be it Motocross, MotoGP, F1, Rally, Nascar, whatever it may be. Is there one race that attracts you to it, or is it the full championship, and the points chase, ultimately culminating in an exciting finale in the final race of the year? I have long thought that it would be a lot more fun for both the racers competing, as well as the people following, if we had a World Championship series, with races spanning the world. We could use existing races, or create new ones.

Another thing, I don’t like how we race. We spend a week at the race, and the actually exciting heads up racing amounts to one or two races on the last day. What a waste!

Below I have highlighted some ideas. Let me know what you think.


A year long series, 4 races, 1 in each quarter in order to spread out the costs for the teams and people attending. Example calender:

February/March 2017 Race 1, USA: Fear Farm AZ, Dialed In CA

April 2017 Race 2, UK: Neo Race

August/Sept. 2017 Race 3, Europe: Asti, Barco Italy, Redovan, La Nucia Spain, Montpellier, Pierrefeu France

November 2017 Race 4, Asia: Cnetic Indonesia, 3Stone Park Malaysia

Existing races could only be used if the current organisers are willing to make the required changes to their race. Some would surely, some would not. It needs to be 4 equal races, organised to the same level and same rules. No exceptions because that race’s race director says so. Keep it simple, keep it fun!


All races count towards a championship. No drop outs. Points system, points for TQ and finishing positions. Either have points given like in qualifying, so least points win. 0 for winner, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd etc. TQ could earn a bonus negative point, -1. This way entry amount doesn’t matter. Everyone will get points. Least points wins the series. If we know the entry amount, we can make it so last place gets one point, and winner gets race entry +x for example.

3. Schedule

Keep it short. Friday noon start so people can arrive on Friday, and Sunday early finish so people can leave Sunday night.

Friday: Practice rounds

Saturday: Qualifying and lower mains

Sunday: Mains

Time schedule like all real races, so you know exactly what time you are up. Practice in heats, no standing in line, no confusion, pure simple enjoyment.

4. Rules

Base the rules on existing ones, but simplify them. Keep it simple and fair. Focus on the racers, and the enjoyment. Use common sense, always solving problems in the direction of best solution for the continued enjoyment of everyone involved, and add to the rules as needed.

Control Tyres

Something to consider. Maybe each race has it’s own control tyre, chosen by the organiser. That’s 4 different brands in 4 races. Figure out how to make sure no special compounds are used by the chosen brand’s elite drivers. Keep it simple!


Completely new, or heavily modified layout for each race, in order to keep it fair!

5. Classes

Only 1:8th Nitro Buggy, due to time constraints. The big question is, do we separate true PRO class from the OPEN class? Reason being, if we have a smaller amount of PROs racing, it is possible to have a lot more heads up racing, and a lot less practice and qualifying.

PRO Class

Manufacturers sign up their drivers for the complete series. This way the organisers know how many Pro drivers will be attended. Possibility to add wild card entries into the pro class for each event.

Qualifying will be done as heads up racing, (Reedy Race Style with points for finishes in each heat). Make the races 15min, so everyone has to pit at least one time, and the best guys can move to the front. Don’t compare races, or times, only finishing positions matter. Gate starts, or something similar to that would be best!

Follow this with semi finals, and a main final in the same way we do at the current Worlds. If we have enough pros, then 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals, and A main. I can’t see more Pro drivers than that attending all races.

OPEN Class

A race run as the neobuggy race is run now.

If the classes are separated it would make for more exciting racing in the Pro class, the main show, specially if points are given for qualifying also. Maybe give points for top 5 after qualifying. If a Pro class is used, points can be given normally, as max amount of entries is known. Last guy gets 1 point. So top 5 in qualifying could get points too, and they would be vital at the end of the year. Makes the race matter throughout.

6. Team Event

This isn’t my idea, so I won’t share it, because it’s so damn good. But a team aspect to the series should be included.

7. Banquet and Dinner, Speeches, Prizes, and Happy Days

The series ending event should be held in a country, and a location where the organisers are able to host a fitting banquet where the winners receive their prizes, and all participants receive something as a memory. It needs to be a night to remember.

8. Attraction


Money, that’s it right? All manufacturers and sponsors chip in, outside sponsors support the series, liveRC, RC Racing TV, neobuggy, redrc, the media needs to cover it, the racing needs to be streamed live. If everyone can just come together and work their differences out, a World Championship series will benefit all of us involved in RC. The RedBull RC Offroad World Championships 2020. Why not, that would be much cooler than fighting over entries at two meaningless races organised on the same week end.

The winning drivers need to receive contingency money, and the winning manufacturer should get something too. For example free entries/sponsorship for the following year.

The open class drivers should receive contingency too. After all, if they get some cash to help pay for their traveling and racing, they will most likely put that money back into the industry anyway.


Forget about plaques and paperweights. Hand out impressive trophies that will remind the winners of the races in years to come. Have a trophy as a series cup, adding a name and car brand each year. The driver gets to keep a replica.

Can’t think of anything else right now, but you get the point.


2016 IFMAR Worlds 1st Impressions

I stole this from Check out a lot of great pictures here.

I stole this from Check out a lot of great pictures here.

Ok, here we go, the 2016 IFMAR World Championships are finally here! For the mainstream daily reports you can check out websites like,, and probably For the non mainstream, behind the scenes possibly, mostly bullshit more than likely reports, check back here.

+ The facility just looks amazing, the track, the stickers and graphics everywhere, the team tents (hmmm I like to take some credit :-D)

+ The interest for the event, too many drivers to fit in an already record sized WC event

– Track looks good, and seems to be fun to drive, but it just lacks that WOW factor and technical difficulty I feel we should have at the Worlds. Everyone is doing the same thing and looking good doing it. Maybe just have to be patient and wait for the bumps! 🙂

+ The announcing, it’s so nice to be at a big event with announcing, so we know what’s going on, it adds to the atmosphere.

+ The location, Las Vegas and we can see the strip, and to add to that, guaranteed great weather! RC Racing couldn’t get better.

– Everyone is really spread out at different hotels, etc. The most fun races are the ones where racers stay together and we all hang out at night.

+ Organisation seems exceptionally non-American, and very organised and rule abiding. I think they may even have a schedule! We do have some improvisations with watering and a pre qualifying race, but everything seems spot on. Let’s hope it stays that way and goes smoothly!

+ Degani won $2000 in 2 minutes.

– Degani doesn’t spread the wealth. What a dick.

+ It feels like this race is very open, there is not one or a couple of clear favourites. Should be a great race.

+ Assuming it gets rough, this is a return to offroad. I hope this starts a new trend of old school. Enough of these smooth grooved up tracks. Enough!



Top WC Contenders Review by JQ & Degani coming


Here we go! In Las Vegas on the strip! Today we packed up the last things with Degani, bought some new carpet for the pits, and headed to Las Vegas. We went to the old forgotten track where the Silver State race was maybe 12 years ago, and where Josh Wheeler won the Nats. I go by the rules, “rules are rules” lol. I just can’t believe it’s still there as you could actually have a runaway and jump through someone’s living room window if the layout was right for that.

img_48881 img_48951

Anyway, engines tuned, car’s ready, pits all done, except for the walls and banners that I forgot, will get those tomorrow. Tracks looking mint, and this is set to be an absolutely awesome WC! The only thing that I can think that COULD spoil it is the watering of the track. We will have to wait and see how that goes.


ANYWAY, got the idea to write a Top Contenders post, looking at the top drivers and their cars, and telling you who we think will do well and why. Then after the race, you can all look back and laugh at us and tell us we are idiots for being so wrong. Then we will go ahead and do a post race recap, like this one I did for 10th scale, which became crazy popular!