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Vote For Pedro! Please Vote NOW!

It’s now been one year of posting a blog EVERY DAY! ONE YEAR! Holy shit. Let’s see if I should continue or not. Because I’m tired of this shit.


Could it possibly be more fun?

Could it possibly be more fun?

No blog. It’s too late, and everyone already hates me.

DNC17 – 1st Impressions

First of all, check this out! Tremendous, believe me. It’s gonna be great, really unbelievable.

Ok, now on to the report. 1st Impressions

Degani and I rolled in Tuesday evening, in time to set up the pits, and camp in daylight, and have a nice evening before practice kicked off Wednesday. We were pleased to be greeted by an immaculately prepared track, with a long straight to really hear those nitro motors scream, and get up to speed. A consistent well packed surface, with carefully crafted, tested, and perfected jumps awaited us. As the rock crawling and 5th scale tracks would not be used until Thursday and Friday, they had been put aside and were unfortunately not finished, due to the rain. All focus was on the main track, as that’s where the action would begin.

Unlike previous years, the amount of classes was limited, we didn’t have any unnecessary classes like “legends” or “expert”, so everyone got decent track time per class. Furthermore, thanks to pre signup, there were no transponder issues, or drivers added during the day, saving a lot of time, and removing the need to re do the heats after the 1st practice round. All of this contributed to the fact that we were done with practice at a decent time, around 7pm, leaving ample time to relax and socialise.

The facility is amazing. The air compressor has a gigantic tank, that never runs out of air, and there are enough nozzles for everyone. The tyre washing station was busy after the morning’s damp practice, but as the brushes and water supplied was sufficient, there was never a problem. Tables and chairs were obviously provided for all international drivers, that goes without saying. Unlike most American races, there is also a schedule posted, and every heat’s results are posted on the side of the drivers stand immediately after the heat, as everyone does not have wifi. The schedule really makes it easy to plan your day, as you know what time your race is up. The pit lane is clearly marked with entry and exit, which makes the transitions between heats really smooth, and of course spots are marked both for the drivers, and the mechanics down below.

Qualifying will definitely be really fair and equal for everyone, with consistent watering creating equal track conditions for all, which is great. Everyone gets the same amount of warm up time for each heat, and no one gets special treatment, like an extra couple of minutes to re-fire or fix something.

That’s it for now! More observations once the action really starts!




Killer Instinct


Degani just called me, as JQRacing Chief Strategist, and told me that he figured out one of my biggest issues right now, and said I need to figure it out before Nitro Challenge. He says that I’m actually fast enough to do really well, he has seen it. Maybe I haven’t really shown it at races, but he has seen it. But I’m too happy and nice, I need to get pissed off. I need to “get pissed off and just not give a fuck, and go out there and beat everyone”. I need to not be all facebooked out or trying to be everyone’s friend (not like that’s a problem haha), but I get the point.

Degani says that you need that killer instinct, Maifield and Cavalieri have it, they go out there thinking they will smash everyone, they don’t give a shit. Like Richard Saxton, Mark Pavidis, and Jeremy Kortz back in the day, and of course Degani himself. That’s how he won the worlds he said. I guess he must have read my blog about mindset, it’s similar to what I wrote about before. You have to be successful in your own mind, and you have to be winning in your head before you actually do so in reality.

If you doubt yourself, or if you have too much respect or appreciation for others, you think they are better than you for example, then that isn’t going to cut it. That’s not saying you need to start CTO:ing everyone, but just that in your mind you are thinking “I got this”, instead of in a race when say, Ryan Maifield is behind you, mentally going over your own accomplishments, quickly comparing them to his, and determining “I’m screwed”. Instead you need to be thinking, “so what, I don’t give a shit, today I got this guy covered. Watch this whip.”. Mindset actually does make a significant difference.


Retarded Dreams Make The Happiest Endings – JQ 2017

No matter what anyone says, if you aren’t completely retarded, if you are unreasonably dedicated, if you manage to surround yourself with good people, if you are willing to make the sacrifices you need to, and if you use the hate and doubt of other people to fuel the fire……#itspossible

THEStory is not over. 2017 and the Black Edition is the beginning of a new chapter. The chapter where dreams finally come true, and double middle fingers are erected.

JQ’s Top 5 List Of Things To Make More Fun Of


  1. America
  2. Religion
  3. Xray Drivers
  4. Cameron Kyle Neff
  5. All RC Racers with “Public Figure” Facebook pages.

Comedy, it’s funny. Comedy has always been a big part of my life. I am a very non-serious serious person. I guess I have my father to thank, as he introduced me to Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, etc. I can start and run a company that operates all around the world, yet at the same time looking at me people probably go how in the hell…..That’s because of this thing called humour. If you have a good sense of humour, you can deal with any situation, because your mind can process anything that get’s thrown at it. And that’s a fact. I didn’t read this somewhere, I just made it up. But I think it’s a pretty solid statement.

RC Racing had become boring to me, going to another big race, people being all serious wrenching in private containers, lying to team mates about setups, all serious and boring. Read stuff online, you just get boring kiss ass reviews, interviews and “opinions”, zero substance. Everything is great and everyone is awesome. So I had enough and thought I would spice things up, if not for anyone else, for me, because I’m stuck with this now.

Most of my blog posts are supposed to be funny, some are laugh out loud funny, some are amusing, but most definitely, the more serious they sound, the more likely it is I was laughing when I wrote it. So to all of you crybabies out there, try to look inside of you and find your sense of humour. If you find yourself getting mad at what I say, it’s time for you to take yourself a little less seriously. Let me tell you a story.

There was this stand up comedian who began his set, and he started off at the deep end, making fun of religion. The audience loved it, turns out they were secular, and they thought religious people were a bit silly. What a great show it was. Then the comedian moved on and made some jokes about autistic children. Suddenly he wasn’t the best comedian ever anymore. There was a man in the audience whose boy was autistic. He didn’t appreciate the jokes. He got mad and left.

Don’t be THAT guy.

I make fun of everything and everyone. If I make fun of a car, a brand, a person, an event, it doesn’t mean I hate it or them. It simply means I wrote or said something that made someone else laugh. It’s that simple.

If you get offended or mad because of a joke, you completely deserve it.

I Hate Stupid People – New JQ Segment


On my drive back from Arizona I had the idea to start a new completely irregularly posted blog segment, highlighting the idiots of the world. I find stupid things quite entertaining. I look at some things in the world, and I just wonder who came up with such a ridiculous idea. Or I look at people and wonder how Darwin hasn’t already taken care of them and put them 6ft under.

Hate is a strong word, I don’t really hate. Even my first girlfriend who cheated on me after, or rather during a 4 year relationship, I didn’t hate her. I packed her stuff, and asked her to move out. I even found her an apartment and moved her stuff there. Then I told her to never call me again. But I don’t hate her. There are people that clearly hate me, I don’t hate them, I’m just indifferent. Maybe they have some issues in their life and they need to take it out on me. I don’t know. I have clearly lived a privileged life, since I don’t feel the need to hate anyone.

If there was a God, an all powerful being, and it came to me and said, JQ, tell me one person you hate, and I’ll send him to hell for you. I really couldn’t give a very good answer, but if I was forced to, I would have to settle for someone that definitely would deserve such a fate, someone like Robert Mugabe or Henry Kissinger for example. You know an asshole on a global scale.

Having said that, I’m still going to make the title I Hate Stupid People, because it’s just a much better title that way.


Driving Better 3.0 – List Of Excuses


3rd and last part for now, on the topic of becoming a better racer. We have covered concentration, hitting your lines, slowing down and maintaining corner speed, being confident, having faith, and the importance of being a virgin. Now we head into familiar territory for most RC racers, namely excuses.

There is a fine line between a reason and an excuse. Actually the exact same statement can be both a reason and an excuse, not at the same time though, it depends on the situation, and who says it. The actions of the person following this statement determines which it is. If you win constantly, and then you lose, and you say you picked the wrong tyre, and the next race you win again, I’ll lean more to the reason column instead of excuse. However, even here you have to keep in mind, that a better driver would have still won. And that’s the thing, one man’s reason can be another man’s excuse.

The thing about excuses is that it limits progress. If you always come up with an excuse, you won’t be honest enough with yourself to figure out what needs improving, and you won’t put in the right sort of work to improve. Let’s take a look at a couple that piss me off enough to write about them.

1. “The car doesn’t suit my style”.

Another way to phrase this would be, “I’m too stupid to build and set my car up properly”. Ironically every single person that uses this phrase, doesn’t deserve to use it. Have you ever heard a top driver capable of winning say “This car doesn’t suit my style”? No, and you know why not? Because they are good drivers, and they make their car’s work. Even more ironically, these guys are the only guys that actually could say that. When you are one of the top drivers in the world, you are pushing your car to the limit, at this point, a Mugen or a TLR will be different, and one may suit you better than another. You can still win with both, but you will be more comfortable with the other. And that’s key, let me repeat, YOU CAN WIN WITH BOTH, but you will be more comfortable with the other. Top drivers don’t switch to win, they may switch to win more often, and be more comfortable. The people switching around TO win, will never win, because they haven’t figure out that they need to maximise the performance of the equipment they have, and work on their driving.

2. “I wish I could do this or that but I can’t”.

Another way to phrase this would be, I kind of want this or that, but I can’t be bothered to put in the work, or make any sacrifices. I prefer to be comfortable and or lazy. Read the following quotes to understand fully what I mean.


Driving Better 2.0 – Mental Strength & Being a Virgin


It’s a hard pill to swallow for many, to accept that they suck It sucks to suck, remember? I have listed a few points here, of ways I have tried to improve. Tomorrow I shoot down some dumb arguments related to success, because I’m tired of hearing them.

1. Self Confidence: Confidence is important in racing. Many times you are faster in practice compared to racing, because in practice nothing is on the line. In racing you can’t afford any mistakes, you are nervous, and if you aren’t confident, doubt creeps in, and you won’t perform at your best. Confidence pushes doubt to the side, and makes risks seem smaller or disappear. “I got this”. The best description of this I have found is what Tony Hawk says in the below video. Basically, you need to believe in what you are doing, and not thinking that you can’t or you will fail, etc. Think of a successful outcome, and it’s possible.

Driving more and racing more helps a lot, with confidence but you do also have to make a conscious effort to be positive, and to convince yourself, that “I got this” unless this is your natural way of thinking. A side note, and a true story. The 1st club race I won at OCRC in 2wd, where I beat clearly faster drivers than me, the last thing I said to my friend when he wished me luck was “I’m going to win this”. And I wasn’t joking. And then it just worked out. Confidence makes a difference, and that leads me to the next point.

Conclusion: My biggest problem has always been a lack of confidence, I know, hard to believe after I designed by own car and basically put 10 years of my life on the line to do this. I don’t think you need to be confident to do this, an idiot is sufficient. I have been actively working on giving less of a shit when it comes to failing or crashing, and focusing on positive outcomes. It’s work in progress, but it does make a difference. When Notch called me as being 1 second off TQ at Thunder Alley, I didn’t think oh no I better not make a mistake, I punched it and thought “Screw Adam Drake, I got this, he is all washed up anyway.” Your mental state makes a huge difference.

2. Religion: Is it a coincidence that many of the best performing people in pretty much any field that requires some sort of human performance are also deeply religious? Maybe the best example being Ayrton Senna? I think there is something to it actually. This is not a dig at religion, so try to stay focused and not hate me. In order to be religious, you need to be able to completely convince yourself of something that has no evidence, or logical explanation. In fact it has everything going against it, yet you need to be completely sure that you are right.  To do this, you need to think in a very similar way to when you convince yourself that you will be world champion, or you will be the best in the world, or whatever. Convincing your brain of something without evidence. You need to have faith. And in addition, not only are you thinking in a suitable way, you also believe that God is on your side, and if it’s meant to be it will happen. How is that for a confidence booster?

Conclusion: I clearly lack the capacity to be irrational. I have tried, but I can’t convince myself of something I think is not possible. I can fake it, but I can’t sincerely believe it. But what I can do, that many people don’t, is dream bigger than most. I can lie in bed and envision a future that most people would laugh at. That’s what I can do.

3. Virginity: It has been proven over and over that the fastest RC Car drivers are virgins. Recently a couple of the fastest have stopped being virgins, and it will be interesting to see if they can maintain their results compared to the other top performers who still remain in the virgin category. Another way to put this, is that when a vagina enters your life, your priorities change. It’s only natural, this has, and will continue to destroy many a man’s life. This is a very similar situation to getting older. “He is too old”, etc, no I don’t believe it. There comes a point in life when your faculties go all out of sync as you get old, but it’s not at 35 or 40. It’s much later than that. The reason many drivers slow down when they lose their virginity, and 30+ racers slow down even more, is because their priorities change. RC isn’t nr1 any longer, and that matters.

Conclusion: For the past year or so, I have been working on re-virginising myself. I broke up with my girlfriend last year, and I have basically been on a bit of a dry spell in an effort to get faster since then. Time will tell if this strategy of de-vaginaising my life is a successful one.