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Silver State – Top 10 Thoughts

1.Ryan Maifield

Been over this already. Scary good.

Maifield blowing a gasket didn’t phase Tessmann. It’s all good eh.

2. Gord Tessmann

Just a tad off the pace. Close but not quite where he used to be yet. Seems like he is not quite comfortable and confident in the pillow ball car. He makes uncharacteristic mistakes, which usually happens when you aren’t quite in tune with your car. The pillow ball car handles quite differently to a c-hub car, as the steering is different on/off power. A pillow ball car has a distinct feel. It will either take a bit longer to figure out the setup, and to get used to it, or XRay will release a c hub car. Let’s see what happens! I mean they have all the parts so….

3. David Ronnefalk

Degani was questioning why David was over in America racing? He won the worlds, why would he come over to America and lose? He is on top, stay away! That’s Degani’s thinking. Well a podium is not terrible. Not what David was looking for I’m sure. He was fast, but just lacking a bit of something. I don’t think he had any issues, started at the back thanks to drama on the first lap, and was playing catch up.

4. Ryan Lutz

Fourth, not bad, but no cigar. I mean he won Truck, he was on it, but that buggy just isn’t quite up there, like the truck is, or Lutz forgets how to drive in the couple of hours between the truck and buggy mains.

5. Jared Tebo

Tebo is old! That’s what Degani keeps saying. Well he kind of drove like he was. If the American Adrien Bertin was pitting for Tebo, he would have been yelling up a lot to tell Tebo to quit pussying sections. Don’t worry Tebo, soon we will all see if you really are a washed up family man, or if you will just dominate NEO once again. Neo suits Jared’s smooth and controlled style perfectly. Let’s see if he is too old or not!

6. Adam Drake

Not quite as exceptional as at the DNC where he was running in 2nd for a while. Maybe the lack of a legends class? Anyway, another solid finish I guess. Drake just keeps motoring on!

I’ll give you one guess…

7. Joe Bornhorst

7th, the most average position to finish. Bornhorst beat everyone that had problems, and one village idiot. I mean it’s not great, but it’s something. Lacking some speed just like Drake and the village idiot.

8th Joseph Quagraine

A waste of space in the main, way too slow. He beat everyone that broke and flamed out. Great job, the whole world is proud of you. At least he won the car designer class.

On a personal note, thanks for not watering the track…..idiots! Other than that, I had a good race going with Bornhorst and Drake for what ended up being 6th, but at the time was more like 8th, but then two things happened, and I had a 50+ second lap. Degani managed to bounce my car off someone else’s in pit lane so it hit and broke the bar over the pit lane exit, landing backwards and needing marshalling. Then this idiot backmarker decided to race me instead of just let me go, so additional time was lost. And that was it, Drake and Bornhorst were gone!

9th Mike Truhe

I don’t know if this counts as beating Truhe. (Remember he said he would quit if I beat him). He either had to stop for a cigarette, or he flamed out. I don’t know. I was racing man!

10th Tanner Denney

Tanner was fast but if you can’t keep your engine running then JQ is gonna beat you!

12th Spencer Rivkin

The World Champ was number one! He seemed lonely in the AE pits, he kept coming over to hang out in the cool pits, with me and Degani. I told him he was number one on the team now. He asked if he was automatically number two when Cavalieri was there, with clear disappointment in his voice. I said “Of course you are!”, and Degani added: “What are you talking about, this isn’t astroturf!”. At one point he was looking specially sad so we offered to build him a track in our tent on our carpet.

He did do well though, making all his mains. Unfortunately he flamed out and lost to JQ. After the race, in an attempt to cheer him up, we gave him a full roll of astroturf so he could go home and build a track for himself.

It’s just going straight again Kev!

13th Dakotah Phend

If Dakotah could figure out how to make servos last more than 5 minutes, he might win some races. He is really fast until his car goes straight into a fence. He is one of those drivers that makes you hate him because he makes looking like you are about to fly off the track, without actually doing so, look easy.

14th Josh Wheeler

Possibly Wheeler’s last big race. Josh is talented driver, sneaking it in the main once again. Something ridiculous happened to him again at this race. We have to sit down with Josh and list all the crazy things that has happened to him during his career! The slowest looking fast guy in the world!

Back when Easton was Maifield.

15th Billy Easton

After his stellar B main run, this geriatric gentleman ran out of steam and needed a nap. He just couldn’t keep his shit together for 45 minutes. Great job though, and proves that the new Serpent car is on the pace!



Watered Tracks – Icecream or Cancer?

On a scale of 42 to your mum, how annoying is track watering?

The thing about watering is it makes racing a lot harder, not only does your car need cleaning all the time, you are picking tyres like you pick lottery numbers, and it extends the day by 7 hours. It’s actually impossible to figure out how to set your car up, because not only is the track different beginning, middle and end of a qualifier, each of the times you hit the track, the beginning, middle and end are different too.

“It’s the same for everyone, quit complaining”. Yes, well it’s just that it’s not the same because of this thing called talent. We have been over this. Talented drivers adapt fast, non talented drivers don’t. Search “talent” in the blog, I have written about it.

Why isn’t watering consistent? Partly because of time of day, partly because of stupid decisions being made, water every heat, water every second heat, re-seed, water this heat, water that heat, but in the end because of saving money. When a toothless sign spinner from Hemet can’t figure out how to use a hose, don’t be mad at him. He is, after all, a sign spinner. When the rastafarian at the other end of the track is so baked out of his mind that when he actually is there, he can’t tell the difference between the sky and the track, don’t blame him, because…

After all week, mudbog in practice, mudbog to just damp in quals, then figuring out how the track works in a long main when wet, basically drying, becoming dusty, then slick as an ice rink, you know what would really be a genius move? How would you really then prove to the entire world how ridiculous the whole event is when it comes to watering, and putting on a fair and just race? After all this watering of the damn track all week long:

Do not water the A main, at all.

There, prepare for that suckers! Now the track is different again, and I guess an airport shutdown imminent! What is the explanation for this? How does it make sense NOT to water for the A main, when you water every single other race? There is none, it makes 0 sense. This is why racing in America is so hard. There are no rules (except for Truck tanks), no schedule, no consistency, and you just don’t know what you are gonna get, like ordering at the drive through at Taco Bell.

But please do water the PNB as it is indoors, and the dust is deadly! HAHA

Silver State – Buggy B-Main – Grab Ass, Deportation, & a French Fry

Well it was another B main for me. Pretty standard. More track time if you make the main, that’s how I see it. The B main was looking pretty good on paper, but I felt like I would be able to bump if I didn’t have issues. Actually, even though I was all the way down in 7th early on, and spent some time in 5th, I was never worried, because this was a 30 minute race, and I knew that I just needed to find my bearings, and I would be ok.

In the end it turned out to be a relatively easy bump, because I made it even though my car went to shit towards the end, it was just too soft and hard to drive. Let’s take a look at all the drivers in the main.

1. Billy Easton

What a great drive from Billy! He said that if he didn’t improve his results he wouldn’t be racing these events anymore, I guess he gets to race some more now! He started off ok dropped off, and then came on strong in the last 3rd of the race. Best race he has had in a while! People don’t remember Billy used to be the man! Billy used to be Maifield. Really. Except he is World Champion! Sorry Ryan!

2. Joe Bornhorst

Started off great, and pulled a big lead, but then his tires or car faded, and he stared falling back, at one point I actually thought I might catch him, that’s how bad he faded. Don’t know what was going on there.

3. ME

I didn’t panic, I did what I had to do, and I bumped to the main. I had World Champion Mechanic Pierre Ronnefalk pitting for me. Sorry for breaking your hand in the first pit stop mate! It helps to have confidence in your pit crew. Tack så mycket för hjälpen!

4. Dylan Rodriguez

This is another guy that could be really good if he cared about RC. Very fast, but too many mistakes cost him a chance to bump. Lack of track time, that’s all.

5. Colin Herzig

The best race I have seen Colin Herzig drive. He never even blew out in the B main, and was challenging for the bump up. You may remember Colin is actually under contract by JQRacing, as we signed a 12 and a half year deal, bak in 2011. Colin has been working under cover, testing other cars, and collecting all of Kanai’s secrets from Kyosho now for the past few years. Everyone is leaving Kyosho, and now Herzig is moving up. Next dethrone Tebo. It’s not gonna be easy!

6. Greg Degani

After the Worlds I stole Greg’s car as I needed it. I then build him a car for DNC. That turned out to be a disaster for Degani. He cleaned up his car and threw it in the van. He unloaded it from the van at Silver State, and miraculously his complete lack of dedication and preparation paid off. He was dialed in Vegas. Complete domination of the 40+ class, and a great performance in the B main, beating many drivers who actually take racing seriously! This, if anything proves how good the new BLACK Edition is. Even Degani can make it look good, and perform at the highest level.

7. Billy Fischer

Got passed and beat by an old man with a DE bumpered JQRacing buggy, and a 150 dollar engine. Not the best race we have seen out of Fish-Daddy.

Kenny showing off his muscles that made sure the wheel nuts were tight!

8. Kyle Johnson

I won’t say anything because Kenny will threaten to kick my ass again!

9. CJ Tessmann

Mini Tessmann is fast, but a bit hit or miss in the mains. I have no idea how old he is, but he is progressing fast, and will surely be really annoying here in a year or two, as he will be stealing a spot in the mains.

10. Steve Harris


11. Mark Sousa

I like Sousa, he is a bit too punched out of his mind for his own good. A bit more thought into his driving and he will be good. Just more practice, and setup work, and he can start making the mains. 2nd best Canadian eh?

12. Aaron Gomez

Too punched also, leads to mistakes. Just needs more track time, speed is great at times. We can work with speed. Aaron was posting on FB about not being sure what to do as he isn’t achieving the success he wants. It’s the big question of to try harder or to give up. I think it’s pretty simple. Figure out what you want, and do that. I don’t feel like Aaron has worked very hard at RC yet, so if that’s what you want Aaron, then start working hard at it!

13. Noah Dickerson

Too much grab ass, not enough RC.

14. Cody King

Too much grab ass, not enough RC. His babysitter wasn’t at the race, so his focus was more off than normal. Couldn’t figure out how to route his fuel line so he flamed out. Karma for cutting the track.

15. Victor Guerrero

A: What is Victor doing in the Pro class?

B: How is Victor still in America? Trump said he was serious about these deportations!

Last of all:

I would like to thank Renaud Savoya for not attending Silver State, so I could finally get the last bump into the main. Thanks, and please don’t go to Neo17 either. Thanks for understanding Reno.

Truck B Main – Operation Richard Saxton

It was Saturday evening. I was the first race up on Sunday, Truck B main. I looked down at my truck, I hadn’t cleaned it, or taken the body off for the entire race. I decided to change the clutch and clutchbell bearings. Degani was complaining that he wanted to leave, and Ryan Maifield had stopped by for a few laughs, sipping a beer. This was to be the only loving care this truck received this week.

The next morning, I got inspired during the A main practices, and glued up a new set of tyres. I was ready.

Early in the main, Greg Degani yelled up to me, ”Operation Richard Saxton!”. Somehow I had managed to make it to the sharp end of the field, and Adam Drake, the truck specialist was behind me. I knew what to do. Soon after this, Adam got side by side with me, and I initiated ORS. I tagged Adam’s rear tyre and he flips over, as I drive away into the distance, and promptly Adam proceeded to blow out for the next 10 minutes.

See, back in the day Richard Saxton was the best in nitro offroad, he would win everything, all the time, and this is why he got the nickname ”The King”. What he would do is, if for whatever reason there was someone actually challenging him in a race, he would run the guy over, and just drive away early in the race. This made the challenger super mad, and when you are mad, you are going to blow out and crash more. Genius.

Drake has now sort of taken over the ORS system back in the California club racing scene, something that I have been a victim of numerous times, so it was epic to be able to get him back here.

Anyway, luckily for me, Drake who was running longer stints and one less pitstop than me, flamed out in the pits and lost some time, so I had a decent lead over him towards the end of the main. I didn’t want him to catch me for the last bump up, so I was punched. Last lap I catch up to Billy Fisher who was in 2nd, and he is playing it safe, he is standing next to me and tells me nothing stupid now on the last lap, and I tell him yes but you have to go go go! I almost lose control, but I keep it together, as Drake has a meltdown in the last few corners.

Getting beat by JQ is worse than getting beat by a girl. Mike Truhe said he would quit if I beat him. That’s how bad it is for these guys!

Special thanks to Team Associated, apparently Cavalieri had told everyone to get stuffed at DNC, so AE stuffed him for a month. Anyway, they needed someone to take his spot in the main, so I feel like I did my job there. Put that truck in the main for them to get the quota up to par, too bad the tank they provided was too big!


I will start off with a quote from Jeff Bowland, whom I do not know. Basically he wrote everything you really need to know, but I will give you my version too:

JQ didn’t do anything intentional, it was a borrowed truck and the tank swelled. Degani used ice water to shrink the tank back down….. Go look in half of the coolers in the pits, Drakes included (who got the bump because of the DQ) and you are sure to find a a bottle of fuel in more than one. JQ has a target on his back because he goes against the grain and does/says things his way. We should encourage that, not target it.

-Jeff Bowland

After rather amazingly making the main in Truck, beating many established truck racers, my tank was then found to be 1cc too big. Eventually I was DQ:ed. Let’s begin by establishing a few facts:

  • There was no intentional cheating regarding tank size, I borrowed a truck, raced it at DNC, returned it, borrowed it again, and raced it at SS. I took the body off once at SS, to change my clutch before the main, I never checked the tank.

  • There was ”no advantage”, 1cc is about 3-4 seconds of runtime. Oh huge, specially since I stopped at 7:30 and my runtime was more than enough. It’s not like I cared enough to ever check it.

  • I really didn’t care, I enjoyed the B main, because I was actually competitive, and because I beat good drivers that actually care about truck. I didn’t even want to do the truck main after I made the main in Buggy, I just wanted to prepare and focus on that. So if you are one of those people that are so happy because I got screwed, this is not a great opportunity to do that.

For the entire debacle of #tankgate, I was actually sitting in the pits, gluing tyres, and preparing my buggy for my B main, as it was coming up. Degani went to tech to see what was going on. 1st attempt, failed 1cc over, 2nd attempt after a cool down period, failed. Then, for whatever reason a 3rd attempt was offered. Before the 3rd attempt Degani got the fuel bottle to the pits and filled it with ice cold water from the cooler. The cold water would cool down the hot tank making it smaller. Now thinking back, had he in his rush realised to mix in 10% blue sidewinder, no one would have been the wiser, but he didn’t, it was probably 98% water. 2% fuel. The tank is checked for a 3rd time, and low and behold, it passes! Terminator Tech guy called it, it’s a pass. Degani picks up the truck and walks back to the pits, it’s all good. The beaker is still on the table, and Maifield and Tim Long are feeling it, looking at it, tasting it, and figure out its ice water, and they say it’s not legal. So I get called back to tech. The tech guy picks up the truck again to be tested. It never get’s tested and I get DQ:ed. Had Degani emptied the beaker, again I would have been fine.

So what’s wrong with this situation? Everything.

  • In America there are ”no rules”. Where is the rule book for Silver State again? What Roar rules are enforced, what rules aren’t? No one knows, it’s just do whatever, and you may or may not be illegal or legal, jump the start, cut the track, run a different car, take someone out, get extra practice tickets, whatever you want. Rules, procedures and penalties are all made up as they occur.

  • At least there is this rule, 150cc for a truck tank, that’s simple, but then you have to have a procedure you follow to then determine that a tank is definitely legal or illegal.

  • Have the right beaker, so you can tell a 0.5cc difference easily, it needs to have a thin spout.

  • Have a horisontal surface.

  • Actually follow a procedure, how many times to try it, how long and how to let the tank cool down, and don’t let people interfere. Don’t let Degani put ice water in the fuel bottle, don’t let someone drop something in the tank, and don’t let the people who would benefit from a disqualification mess with the results either.

  • If you did that you wouldn’t pass a car, and then 5 minutes later DQ it anyway because someone complained.

Why was I OK with Degani doing what he did, if I’m so honest and I don’t cheat? Because tech in America is a complete joke. Jason Ashton won the ROAR Nationals, the biggest race in America with a fueltank that was 3-5cc’s over the limit. Why wasn’t he disqualified? Because he was fast and deserved the win, he was a nice guy, he was a local guy, I don’t know, because it was a cool story or because he pitted at 5 minutes? I was OK with what Degani did because there are no written rules at these races and the rules they make up as they go along aren’t enforced fairly or equally. Show me the Silver State rule that states that you have to tech fuel, we are checking for capacity, the liquid doesn’t matter. I have seen 2 minute calls be ignored, and I have seen 2 minute calls turn into, let me change this servo. After you tech your car before a race, not that there is a reason to, but you could actually switch to a completely different car. Same after a race, you could hand tech a different car. No one would know, there is no system. I don’t even know why they bother with tech.

Do you think the ice water idea was just invented? Even your hero Adam Drake mentioned that he had employed the ice fuel trick before. When in Rome, do as the Romans.

Silver State – The Winners

Well I sort of called it. I said Maifield was looking solid as shit, not exactly the most daring prediction, but it just so happens it was the right one.

eBuggy – Exactly as I said, Tessmann and Phend kept crashing, Maifield was butter. “Easy” win.

Truck – Here I have to admit Lutz was a lot better than I expected, mainly because he actually finished the race. Now I was really confident that Maifield had Tessmann covered, but then he flamed out exiting the pits and lost valuable time. At one point after the flame out he had almost caught up to where he was in the “right there” zone behind Tessmann, but just as he was getting in there he crashed. But he was moving. Anyway, what I wasn’t so sure about, was if Maifield had Lutz covered, because he was coming! Even if Maifield had not flamed out, I still think Lutz could have won, because he was just that fast. Once again proving that the Tekno truck is really damn good. To me it looks like basically it’s just built to the max dimensions. Are all the other trucks too (short and) narrow? Truck, what a waste of time.

Buggy (Only class that truly matters) – Maifield did win, but I didn’t expect Phend to be so good. I was racing, but judging by how they lapped me 🙂 I think Phend had that thing wrapped up. Something silly broke in a crash and he was out, handing the win to Maifield. So Ryan got 2/3 and is 5/6 for the year. Not bad, not bad at all. I told you this would happen back in the silly season post!

I’ll post about the mains and the drivers in them, and #tankgate later. Now buzz off.

Silver State – Qualifying Notes

Maifield blowing a gasket didn’t phase Tessmann. It’s all good eh.

Here’s some notes from qualifying.

  • Degani and his DE 40+ Bumper TQed the old man class over his nemesis Yuichi Kanai.
  • Maifield Neffed out badly after the first day of qualifying. Apparently team Tessmann were employing shady tactics of Ty starting right behind Ryan, even though Ryan was trying to get space on the track.
  • It’s not against the rules, it’s not nice, but this is racing.
  • Cavalieri is struggling, as expected, finding the woops section especially tough. I am confident I can beat him tomorrow.
  • Ronda Drake is trying to start fights in the pits, and then film them for her FB page.
  • If you are going to water, water every race. What a joke to have a schedule, run this dry, that wet. Decide what you want to do and stick to it. It will always be a benefit to either have a wet track, or a dry track, so why the hell would you not water every race?

“It doesn’t take more time or effort to do things right, so why always do them wrong?”


  • Re-seeding after the first qualifying round? So stupid.
  • Times were close, so I expect to see some close racing in the mains.
  • The funniest thing so far, was when Kanai cartwheeled big time on the double, and as he was flipping through the air Degani passed him and yelled BANZAIIIII! This clearly fired Kanai up, and even though he was one lap down, the two old World Champions battled on the last lap, with Degani putting Kanai one lap down right at the line.
  • Cody King is in all B mains again. After speculating with Degani about this, we concluded that part of the issue may be him playing grab ass in the pits all day. His babysitter isn’t here.
  • Mike Truhe on the other hand clearly got motivated by my DNC blog. He is on the gas, looking good.
  • Billy Easton got a 4th in a electric buggy round, in between maintaining the driver stand, focusing mainly on the handrail today. That’s a good run!
  • So far we are right that Bornhorst should stick to Truggy.
  • Colin Herzig is driving better than ever. It’s about time. Now let’s see how many minutes into the B main he blows out. Before or after me.
  • Maifield is going to win a lot. Stamp it. Phend, Tessmann, Ronnefalk will make mistakes.

Silver State 2017 Practice Notes

  • Track is good, rather easy, but I suppose it will get bumpy and more challenging. It has a full length straight too. Amazing. I specially enjoy the back left corner followed by roller and left hander, going up the hill. Somehow when I get that right, it feels good.
  • Watering is just as ridiculous as always before, not surprising at all. Hopefully with only 2, yes TWO pro buggy heats, toothless Tom from Hemet can keep his shit together and not flood a section, at least for only one of the TWO heats. If he messes up, let’s hope he does so for both heats.
  • Not a great turnout. There are 27 Pro Buggies. SAD! There are only 128 drivers at the race!!!!Well, maybe the track won’t get so bumpy after all.
  • Drivers who were looking good today, Ronnefalk, Truhe, Lutz. I know David ran at least a 31.3 which is really fast, and Truhe had 31s. Lutz I don’t know lap times but he looked fast!
  • Joe Bornhorst did not take Degani’s advice, he is also racing buggy.
  • Maifield looked good, but seems like he needs more steering, at least based on the runs I saw, a bit off the pace of David.
  • Ryan Cavalieri is really hurting in practice. His car doesn’t look very good, and he will probably miss the main.
  • Greg Degani is looking strong in the 40+ division. Garen Hagobian says he has got the field covered. Kanai flew in from Japan, probably reminiscing about the 2000 Worlds.
  • Rivkin was looking lost. We offered to build him a track in our pits on our astroturf. He swears he is not just a one trick pony. He plans to prove us wrong, and do well on a loose bumpy track, with no astro.
  • This race is so small that Mugen didn’t even bother setting up their pits.
  • Neff isn’t here. What a disappointment!

OCRC Scandinavian Sandwich & Grassroots Worlds Prep – World Champ Going Down

Today I went to club race at OCRC with David RONNEfalk, and rebuild my nitro buggy for tomorrows Grassroots series race at Dialed In, where I am going to take down the World Champ. He is getting far to confident and cocky, and I can sense a Ken Roczen type miss calculation in his near future. I need to be sure to have the rest of the field covered when the Champ’s downfall takes place.

Today I raced 2wd and 1:8th. It was the 1st time I raced my 1:8th buggy and it was really slow to begin with, I made a couple of changes, thicker oils, harder springs, thinner sway bars, and got it a lot better for the main. In 2wd I was breaking in new tyres, and my diff really sucked, but as I was building the nitro there was no time to fix that.

This picture was taken exactly 3min before the 2nd qualifier. I missed the start by 3 seconds, and drove from the bleachers on the opposite side of the drivers stand.

So the 2wd main was a repeat of the DNC B main. The faster guys just kept crashing, and I motored along, had a big lead, and eventually they caught and passed me, right before the end. The 8th scale was a big more interesting. Please watch the epic move I put on David at about 4:20 in the race video above, and watch his really rude Scandinavian Sandwich on the back straight at 6 minutes. That is the most fun I have had racing RC Cars in a long time!

This is when David told me he is leaving now. It was past 11 and racing was over, I still had some stuff to do!