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DNC Top 10 Thoughts – Part 2

I wrote about the podium yesterday, now the next group of finalists and their cars.


4th Adam Drake

A great performance by Adam, his best in years. When Maifield was leading, and Adam was in 2nd, I can’t have been the only one thinking “no way!” in disbelief. I assume Maifields input has helped with setup and confidence, and we can expect Adam to have a bit of a resurgence this year. Adam puts in the work, and the preparation, just add the perfect setup at the race, and confidence, and he will be up there.

On another note, one unfair advantage he had at this race, was the completely stupid money grab legends class. What a joke that is. Adam basically got an extra practice round before each pro qualifier, and a practice main. A huge advantage at this event in my opinion. Before Adams nut huggers start hating me, just think about it this way. If Maifield was the only pro guy in the legends class, and he did that, and then won the race, do you think the rest of the pro guys, like Boots and Cavalieri on the podium would just stay silent? There is no way they would, they would complain about the DOUBLE track time Maifield got. Think about it.


5th Jared Tebo

After struggling in qualifying, Tebo pulled it all together for the mains, bumping to the A, and securing a top 5 finish. He managed to get up in the battle at the front for a moment, but mistakes and racing incidents dropped him back to around 7th place for most of the main. The most consistent driver based on the numbers on liverc. It just wasn’t happening for him this time.


6th David Ronnefalk

David was really disappointed after the race, after apparently Maifield taking him out early on, knocking him off the track, and then after that having to come into the pits twice to change a tyre. The rubber actually tore off the wheel. He lost around 40 seconds changing tyres, so just based on the times, that would have put him 2nd, so basically in the fight. I did wonder what was going on when he was on track with Maifield, not giving Maifield room and pressuring him. Seems like there is some beef there now! Should spice things up nicely for Silver State.

HB Racing

David was struggling a bit in qualifying, but in the last round they got it all right, and in the main he was also fast. Cody King also looked good, and interestingly his car looked completely different to Davids on track. David’s looks very solid and high on the track, and King’s looked low, soft and plush.


7th Spencer Rivkin

I had picked Spencer as the dark horse of the main, not expecting him to podium, but accepting fully that he could easily do it. For the first half of the main he was up there, then he faded to the back. Apparently he broke somewhere in the main, and the front end was flexing all over the place making his car hard to drive.


8th Cody King

I wonder how good Cody would be if he actually gave a shit about racing RC Cars. I really do. I remember watching him drive some years back, before he was WC, and I remember thinking that this guy is damn good. Just the precision he placed his car, and the accuracy of his throttle and brake input, it was impressive. He still has the talent, as was shown in the B main where he put in a 39 second lap in order to secure the last bump up spot. What he is lacking is dedication, he doesn’t put in the work, and it shows. He will make the main, but he won’t be fighting for wins unless he starts caring. Paul can’t make up for everything with his dedication.


9th Ryan Lutz

Ryan spent the race towards the back of the pack after a few bad laps early on. Relatively consistent, but not fast enough to catch up, and with a few more mistakes thrown in, 9th is all he could manage.


I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. Yes it’s fast, it seems to jump and land very well, but it’s just too hard to drive fast for a main, specially on a difficult track like this one. Lutz drove conservatively within his ability, and Bornhorst and Zanchettin crashed their brains out for 45 minutes. Before you hate me, just consider this fact, Lutz was challenging for the win in Truck, and Joe finished 2nd. In buggy they were both non factors. Are you saying they suddenly forgot how to drive? Exactly, now accept it and move on.

JQ’s Top 5 List Of Things To Make More Fun Of


  1. America
  2. Religion
  3. Xray Drivers
  4. Cameron Kyle Neff
  5. All RC Racers with “Public Figure” Facebook pages.

Comedy, it’s funny. Comedy has always been a big part of my life. I am a very non-serious serious person. I guess I have my father to thank, as he introduced me to Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, etc. I can start and run a company that operates all around the world, yet at the same time looking at me people probably go how in the hell…..That’s because of this thing called humour. If you have a good sense of humour, you can deal with any situation, because your mind can process anything that get’s thrown at it. And that’s a fact. I didn’t read this somewhere, I just made it up. But I think it’s a pretty solid statement.

RC Racing had become boring to me, going to another big race, people being all serious wrenching in private containers, lying to team mates about setups, all serious and boring. Read stuff online, you just get boring kiss ass reviews, interviews and “opinions”, zero substance. Everything is great and everyone is awesome. So I had enough and thought I would spice things up, if not for anyone else, for me, because I’m stuck with this now.

Most of my blog posts are supposed to be funny, some are laugh out loud funny, some are amusing, but most definitely, the more serious they sound, the more likely it is I was laughing when I wrote it. So to all of you crybabies out there, try to look inside of you and find your sense of humour. If you find yourself getting mad at what I say, it’s time for you to take yourself a little less seriously. Let me tell you a story.

There was this stand up comedian who began his set, and he started off at the deep end, making fun of religion. The audience loved it, turns out they were secular, and they thought religious people were a bit silly. What a great show it was. Then the comedian moved on and made some jokes about autistic children. Suddenly he wasn’t the best comedian ever anymore. There was a man in the audience whose boy was autistic. He didn’t appreciate the jokes. He got mad and left.

Don’t be THAT guy.

I make fun of everything and everyone. If I make fun of a car, a brand, a person, an event, it doesn’t mean I hate it or them. It simply means I wrote or said something that made someone else laugh. It’s that simple.

If you get offended or mad because of a joke, you completely deserve it.

JQ Needs Your Help! – Its For Your Future Entertainment.

I have this idea for a future blog post. Or rather for future blog posts. But I need your help. What I need from you is:

  1. Results archive of your national championships for 1:8th Offroad Nitro Buggy.

Please FB or email me the information. Thanks a lot!

Daniel Adams Appreciation Day

sun_danieladamsI wonder how many week ends Daniel Adams works every year. He seems to be at a race representing Pro Line every possible week end. This guy is a trooper, and after the Reedy Race I thought he has earned his own Daniel Adams Appreciation Day. He not only spent time at the track before the event with team drivers, testing tyres, and preparing for the event, at the event I saw Daniel do all of the following things:

  1. Setup and maintain the ProLine pit presence.
  2. Supply tyres.
  3. Tech inspection.
  4. Tyre impound.
  5. Set up and work the DJ booth.
  6. Help out in the hobby store.
  7. Race.
  8. Walk around with red cheeks.

I really wonder if Pro Line pay him enough. I doubt it. What a valuable guy to have working for your company.

Prediction GOD JQ strikes again. BOOM!

cavalieriI called it. Cavalieri won! There’s a lot to unpack here, but that has to wait until another day. My brain needs some time to process all the gathered information, and turn it into sensible sentences. Then I will go ahead and analyse the top 10. How about that? I’m sure some of you want to hear THE Truth, and what really happened and why.

Congratulations to Ryan Cavalieri for the Invitational win, Brent Thielke for the open 2wd win, and that guy that won 4wd! No doubt I will one day know who he is. Kind of like Jacob Mayonnaise, I know who that guy is now.

Thank you to OCRC Raceway and Reedy/AE, what a great event this is!

Reedy Race Observations – Day 1

You know the results, you can check them here. Here’s some things that caught my eye from day 1:


Dakotah Phend’s car looks the best at the moment, and obviously he is driving really well too. His car is the most stable and consistent, lands really well, and has great steering and rotation. It looks like it is easy to drive and he can place it wherever he wants. This was really obvious in the last main when he was racing Evans.


The AE B64D looks good in the hands of Cavalieri, Rivkin, Evans etc, but it’s lacking a bit of pace. To me it looks like it doesn’t have the steering or rotation that is needed, and they are having to muscle it in the corners trying to get it round. It does everything else well, but in the tighter turns it is a bit slow. This is why I expect Cavalieri and Rivkin to jump forward once 2wd gets going.


Watching Ryan Maifield is like taking an advanced course in how to drive an RC car fast. He is just so damn good. I forget which race it was, but it was quite obvious that his car wasn’t doing what he wanted it to do, and it wasn’t handling great. He just adjusted his driving, corrected the car when it started getting out of shape, and probably finished 2nd or something like that. He basically drove around the issues. To me it looks like it isn’t squaring up and going straight how he want’s it too, and will randomly drift left or right when he is trying to go over the jumps straight.


Ty Tessmann is on a mission to prove me wrong. I basically wrote that he might be “the best of the rest”, not putting him in my top 5 in my predictions. He jokingly said he almost didn’t sign for Xray, just so my prediction of that would be wrong. Well it’s nice to hear I am motivating him. I will admit he is doing better than I expected, but tomorrow we will see which way his race will head. I still stand by what I said.


Joona Haatanen is the standout performer at this point. Great drives have given him 3-3-2-4 and has him tied with Maifield and Rivkin, sitting behind them in 7th! And to think that normally he is better in 2wd. I hope he can keep this up, what an amazing day for him! Cool calm and collected.


Tanner Denney is another standout performer, but due to two really good races, and two bad ones, he isn’t that high up in the rankings right now. He needs to eliminate the big mistakes, and be more consistent, and he can be right up there!


Jared Tebo is maybe my most accurate prediction at this point. Close but no cigar, he is sitting in 8th right now. Tebo left points on the table in every race I watched him in, and it wasn’t because he drove bad or made mistakes, in my opinion it was because his car made them for him. I know it’s an excuse to blame equipment, but this isn’t me talking about myself, it’s me looking at him and his car. I think his car is just on the verge of spazzing out or flipping off the track and at some point it does just that, regardless of how well he is driving. And if he is under pressure from someone, then it just becomes impossible to stay on track.

Thank you RedRC, I stole your pictures!

Reedy Race PRACTICE, We Talkin’ ’bout PRACTICE! PRACTICE!


Let me tell you a story. This year, well technically last year, in November, I met this young man by the name of Jacob Mayonnaise, known to most as Jake Mayo. I had never spoken to this guy before, although I do believe he has beat me at OCRC before, because I remember thinking who the hell that asshole is that is so fast. Anyway, this time we spoke, and turns out this fool is a funny guy, and very fast.

This is his first Reedy Invitational class event, and Jake had carefully built a brand new AE B6 4wd, and meticulously prepared a special lightweight body for it, with nice paint job, it sort of looks like mayo gone bad. He spent hours cutting it out, sanding the edges, applying the stickers perfectly, everything was ready for the Reedy Race.


First practice, possibly the first timed lap, I was obviously already on a heater. I mean this is practice, I take it pretty seriously, it’s the only thing I can win at this point. And I did, TQed the 1st round of practice, so I was moving. Jake however, took a more calculated, and cautious approach, which lead to him single doubling the tricky step down jump. I obviously doubled the shit out of that thing. I waffle stomped onto his car almost as impressively as the infamous Wally “Wafflestomp” Walnutz back in the day. I smashed straight through Mayo’s body and cracked and dented it. So sorry Mayo, welcome to the invitational class. This is nothing, wait until you are mid pack in a race, leave those lightweight bodies at home dude!

In other news, I may or may not have underestimated Dustin Evan’s pace. Tessmann also looks fast, but I’m sticking to what I wrote yesterday. Being fast and racing well through the pack are two different things.




Silly Season Wrap Up -90% Perfection

I think most deals are announced now. You know how genius I was? Out of the 24 predictions I got 22 right. I missfired on King and Aigoin. Not bad, not bad at all. Let’s take a look shall we: (A more detailed 2017 prediction post will follow)


Ryan Maifield – Leaves TLR – Joins Mugen – Never lets go of throttle.

Yes, it happened, Maifield joins Mugen, and Yokomo for 1:10th. Looks like 1:8th program is on point. 1:10th program needs some setup work!


Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – So nothing really changes.

Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – Already has a dialed setup.

Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – Already has all the spare parts.

Davide Ongaro – Leaves Mugen – Joins AE – Basically in order to make the car match his blue cooling head.

Ongaro did in fact go to AE, and he was immediately dialed. What a surprise!


Cody King – Leaves Kyosho – Joins JQRacing – Paul King Stays with Kyosho.

Well I almost got this, just substitute JQRacing with HB. And once Paul King get’s out of intensive care, he will most likely stay with Kyosho.


Jerome Aigoin – Leaves Kyosho – Linked to Mugen- Americans are now asking “Who is Jerome Aigoin?”

I should have seen this one coming. I am disappointed in my lack of foresight. His brother sells Xray, and runs it. Seems so obvious now.


Jared Tebo – Staying with Kyosho – Yawn.

Got it. Didn’t believe the rumours.


Joseph Quagraine – Fires himself – Buys his spot back on THE Team.

Yep, it cost me a lot, but I had to do it.


Ty Tessmann – Leaves HB – Joins Xray? – If it is God’s will.

It was God’s will. Tessmann really did go to Xray!


Juha Aromaa – Stays with TLR for 1:10th scale, because he is dominating.

Well, he showed up at OCRC running TLR’s!


Baldo Brothers – Leave Mugen – Join TLR – Culture Shock Imminent

Well I’ll be damned, got it!

quintonDaniel “Mr Party” Quinton – Stays with Kyosho – Meaning he still buys Kyoshos, moving Kanai-san ever so close to that new Ferrari.

Still paying for Kanai’s Ferrari!


Atsushi Hara – Dude, I bet he doesn’t even know what he is doing himself. Possible onroad career ahead.

I was right in the way, that Hara still doesn’t know what he is doing.


Jeremy Kortz – Can’t leave anyone because he is not on a team – Does not sign with anyone.

Kortz is still not signed with anyone, and it’s still 0-0, for another month!

IMG_4057[1]Max Mört – Stays with JQRacing – Mainly due to severe threat to his life if he leaves.

Max has confirmed that he does not want to die yet. Too much to live for at the moment.


JC have Maifield, Rivkin, Ogden, Savoya, they are good right? Well about to get a whole lot better. I have heard that David Ronnefalk to JC is a done deal, and Ryan Cavalieri is possible.

Got all those!


Then again, with the rumours of Tebo and Phend going to AKA, it just makes this whole scenario not make any sense. Haven’t heard anything about Lutz, staying put I believe.

And all these!


Haven’t really heard anything about European drivers and PL. Even if Tebo and Phend did leave, they still have a ton of great drivers, like Boots, Drake, King, Cragg, Aigoin, Berton and Tessmann. I would not be surprised to see more drivers out though.

Yep, all good, just add McBride there.


Dave Wentz – Kyosho to JQRacing – The Earth’s Orbit adjusts to this news.

Dave is being mysterious. No one knows exactly what is going on!


Robert Battle – Modelix (ProCircuit – Ultimate) Out – AKA and Picco In – Mind blown.

Yes it really did happen!


Barry Baker – Comeback? – Old School: instead of social media drama, he brings it in reality.

This was a genius one, and it ended up being Serpent!


Cameron Kyle Neff – Stays with SWorkz – No One Cares.

As predicted, no one cared!


Davide Ongaro – Adds traction to his program – This could go either way.

Well would you believe it, I called it right. Now we just need to see what happens this summer!


Alex Zanchettin – Leaves TLR for Tekno – Upgrade in $$$, Downgrade in handling.

Did go to Tekno, let’s see how he handles the handling!


Team Orion – Downsizes team after Ronnefalk’s Worlds Bonus empties bank account.

Cavalieri and Phend did leave, haven’t seen anyone added, but yet to be announced Cody King to HB and Orion.


Honorable Mention – Marc Rheinard – Tamiya back to only caring about plastic models.

I said he goes to Infinity, it hasn’t been announced, but I’m just going to announce it. If he isn’t going to Infinity I’ll go there.


Joseph Quagraine – JQ deal fell through due to lack of pace in mains – Retires and gets real job.

I was WRONG. At the last moment I managed to win OCRC Wednesday Night Worlds in 2wd, which was so impressive, that I convinced myself to give me another year to prove myself. The 17th year is bound to be the one, it’s the right time, its JQ time finally. I’m going to JQ the shit out of 2017.

A lot of Testing Today

16110096_1324173060961804_638198240008732672_nLee Martin is running 1:8th scale for Infinity, which means that for as long as they don’t have a car, he is free to run whatever he wants. Obviously he wants to test all the best cars, and clearly he knows whats up :-).

Working together is the best way to achieve success. The best lap times too it seems.

Working together is the best way to achieve success. The best lap times too it seems.

On another note, I also got sent this video from my sister who has been doing some testing over in Finland with her son. Seems like we need to work some more on concentration and focus.