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JQ Products – THE Asia Tour, Days 9-12, CNetic Race

THE Best track evah!

What a week! Now we are in Malaysia, catching up with work after being busy with racing at the CNetic Race, and suffering from a super slow interent connection! Below is a bit of a report from the race:

We arrived in Surabaya on Tuesday evening, so our first day on the track would be Wednesday. The track is absolutely amazing. I don’t think pictures or video does it justice. You really have to experience it first hand, to be able to appreciate it fully, all the elevation changes, size of the jumps, and speeds of the cars around the track. Absolutely without a doubt the best track I have ever driven on. Easy to drive around, difficult to drive around fast! It took 4 months to build, and incredibly, it was done by hand, not using machines! Nuts! At least that’s what we were told!

Bradley fell asleep at the gate for his connection in Hong Kong, and was delayed for 24 hours. Welcome to the JQ Team Bradley! That’s how we roll!


The first two practice days were spent learning the track, and testing some setups. I really do feel that THE White Edition is 2 cars in one. I started with the stock setup, which was good, but it had too much traction for this high speed and high grip track. So I then changed to a setup more suitable for high grip, using the top hole for the front arm on the hub. This helped a lot. I was also using the long rear arm setup, but needed more rotation in the corners, so I went to short arm on the rear. Enter car 2, more suitable for high traction levels, and immediately more comfortable to drive! 2 changes and that was it! I experimented with a bunch of stuff, but those two changes were the ones that counted. Because of the heat, I also went slightly up on diff oils, settling with 6-9-3. As for gearing, I used a 14t clutchbell instead of 13t.

There is something about the new White Edition Packaging that gets people interested. I don’t know what it is. Just have to wait and see…

Tyre wear was an issue, as all tyres were done by around 20-30mins. So the car had to work on new tyres, as well as on slicks. This didn’t turn out to be an issue for me, as the car remained balanced no matter what the tyre situation was, with the only clear noticable difference being some understeer in two hairpins.

In my opinion there was way too much practice at this race, and it made the week too long. When qualifying finally started on Saturday, I was already bored! I wish we could limit the time we spend at these races more, for example this race, (thu maybe) fri-sat-sunday would have been fine!

Well done please sir.


Qualifying was run over 10 minutes, so everyone had to stop for fuel. There was a clear separation of drivers evident, with Hara, Mcbride, Savoya and Battle clearly separating themselves from the others. Mcbride hit the pitwall in his first qualifier and broke, and in the 2nd one he broke again, so he was out of the TQ hunt, eventhough he had the speed for it. Hara ended up TQing after steadily improving throughout qualifying.

Hara TQed. We tried to press him for information regarding setup etc, but he said he is just a better driver that’s all. (I may or may not have just made that last bit up)

Had a sllight issue with my leg too, having to check into hospital for a quick check up 😀 OOPS! Infection due to scratching a mosquito bite.

As for me, I had consistent runs, earning me a 6th place overall, with the only mishap being a bent front shock shaft after hitting a crashed car on the landing of one of the big doubles. I was the fastest slow driver, with a slightly embarrassing best lap, but good overall times due to consistent laps. Building speed steadily…I hope 😀


Before the finals, there was some suspicios looking activity taking place right behind us in the pits. Ilias and Bradley walked over to see what all the fuss was about…

The finals were tough, with lower mains being 20 minutes, semis 30min, and the main final 60 minutes! The bad luck of the event prize has to go to Teemu Leino. In the semi, he was bumping up, when he broke a servo. After the semi, he then won the LCQ, but didn’t make the main because his transponder didn’t count! Talk about bad luck! In my semi I had a great race up until the very last lap. I had a clean race apart from when Meen V took me out, but on the very last lap, I jumped off the track in the centre section, and the marshall didn’t see. I lost a record breaking 26 seconds!!! That was pretty crazy, luckily the other drivers had not made the last lap, so I didn’t lose any positions in the semi, but did lose one on the grid for the main. All the top guys made it through to the main, and it was set to be a great race. Kyosho dominated with 9 cars in the main!

Relaxing before the main!

The 60 minute final seemed to be a great race judging by the reactions of the crowd throughout the race. As for me, it was a bit of a boring race actually, because I had terrible luck on the first laps, leaving me last far behind the pack. I kind of lost my head, and my rhythym, and only really found it when Tebo lapped me, I latched onto him and we stayed together for about 3 pitstops or so. This helped me to drive up to 6th place, with almost a lap ahead to Stringer, and 1 lap gap to whoever was behind me. We had different pit strategies with Tebo always pitting before me if I am not mistaken. This meant that when I pitted he may or may not re-pass me. After one of the pit stops we almost had a major crash when I completely misjudged the speed of the cars on the straight and entered the track between some cars, ahead of Tebo. I then immediately had to avoid him or we would have hit. That was so close! Later on Meen V took me out again for good measure, with immediate Karma striking him with a broken car a few laps later! I then must have felt to happy about it as the RC Gods decided to punish me for my gloating, as my rear wheel fell off. It did so just before the line, so I didn’t lose a lap, just the time it took to replace the wheel. It was enough to drop me from a sure 5th place finish to 9th. Oh well! The curious thing is, that I suffer from a serious case of WTS (wheel tightening syndrome). I tighten my wheel nuts about 8 million or so times before every race, and this time even used loctite. I guess it was just not meant to be!

Before the main I got to stand next to a true legend. At least I am taller than him….That’s about it!

As for the battle at the front, Battle was in it until his servo arm broke, Savoya was up there until his receiver pack dumped/broke, which left Mcbride and Hara. Mcbride had the lead but his tyre started coming off, slowing him down. And then finally his fellow countryman created some in team tension by “winging” Mcbride letting Hara through. So Hara for the win, Mcbride 2nd and Tebo 3rd!

…So what was the suspicious behaviour? GAMBLING! And Bradley won TWO AND A HALF MILLION!!! Thank you Hara! Kanpai!

Overall this event was one of the more enjoyable ones I have attended for a while. The level of drivers was high, yet the atmosphere relaxed, the track was technical, yet easy to actually drive around, the weather was hot, but they provided fans, the hotel was far, but they had a shuttle service. It was just great and I really hope I can attend next year. Huge thank you to everyone, specially Equator Hobbies, Patrix and Pan(n)ut, Faisal “It’s good laa” Ali, Stanley Wasng…Wangnesi..Wangsanegara, Chopin Yusuf, THE AKA Guy, Speed One RC, and the CNetic crew. Batik Friday rules!

Faisal “It’s good laa” Ali is the local REDS Distributor and a sandbagger! He dominated the amateur class…But we still love him.


Air Asia is Awesome!

On our flight from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur, Ilias and I were once again in our jolly state of mind, possibly to the annoyance of the flight attendants.

When we landed, this happened. Prior to the video, they made an announcement:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to make a special announcement for our passengers Ilias Arkoudaris and Joseph Quagraine in 1b and 1c. We wish them a pleasant stay in KL and a happy birthday!”

So awesome!

THE Asia Tour – Day 6, 7 and 8


Been  a bit of a problem getting decent internet here, so hard to update! Internet seems to work after midnight when most people are sleeping. Having said that, I really need to go to bed too. About Day 6 I will post a separate blog later, since we visited Stanley Wasenregr Wasanaega Wasgaren Was….you know who I mean…well his really impressive factory. Day 7 was just a travel day to Surabaya from Medan. Nothing exciting!

As for now, Day 8, it was the 1st day of practice for us. And we definitely have some catching up to do! Great track and facility. Simply amazing…..Most likely I will only be able to make a full report after the race, once we get good internet. But in the meantime, you can check the pictures we have managed to upload from the trip here:



THE Asia Tour – Insight: 1st World Problems

This is Fajar. He is 13 years old, and lives next to the Medan RC track with his parents. When we arrived at the track he greeted us with a cigarette in his mouth. That was mildly mindblowing. After thinking about Fajar a bit, I thought I should share his story, because I believe it can remind us all of some important things.

Partrix translating for Fajar

As I said, Fajar is 13 years old,  goes to school, but he prefers to be a marshal at the RC track. That is his favourite thing to do. The only bad thing about his life he could think of was when his mother gets angry with him. Other than that all is good. He wasn’t sure about his future, he doesn’t know what he wants to do, but after thinking about it for a bit, he said he would really like to race RC Cars. As for the cigarettes, he just started smoking recently, because he felt like it. His parents know, but obviously aren’t bothered about it too much. Although I have to say, during the whole time, I only saw him smoke once. But in any case, Fajar seemed like a perfectly normal, happy 13 year old boy, although at the end of the day, he has so little, and his opportunities in life are restricted. Take his dream of racing RC cars or example. His family’s household income is probably about 1.5 million rupiah max. 1:8th buggies cost over 7 million rupiah. That is the equivalent of 5 months salary. To put it into prespective, in Finland, the the household income, at a very minimum is 2500€. 5 months salary is 12 500. Imagine if an RC car cost that much. And that is just the car. Not gonna happen without some serious changes in Fajars life.

Fajar and his friends

So what I hope Fajar reminds you about is this:

1. The next time you make a fuss about something, or get stressed about something, make sure you aren’t wasting your energy and causing drama because of a 1st world problem. Does it really matter? Is it really a big deal? Be grateful for what you have, and enjoy yourself, because there are people like Fajar, that can be happy with so little. What’s your excuse?

2. Since you are reading this, you most likely race RC Cars. With a hobby like that, I hope you realise you are privileged. You can do what you want, you can be what you want. You have every opportunity for this. Don’t waste your gift, because there are so many people in this world who don’t have the luxury of being able to do what they want.

Field of dreams…

JQ Products THE Asia Tour Day 5

Back at it again! I love racing, wherever it is. This time it was really great because the track is so good! Today we had the 1st JQ Asia Tour Event in Indonesia. We managed to get two qualifiers in before it rained. It rained really hard, but amzingly, the track was dry within hours. It was really good for the  A main, and I even ended up running soft AKA Citybeam. That’s pretty amazing!

I managed to TQ and win the race, and Patrix, our distributor racing a White Edition finished 2nd! What a great start to THETour and also the production White Edition! 1st Race 1st Win again! The 3rd White Edition piloted by Ilias “100% A Mains in Asia” Arkoudaris made the main also making it 5 JQ cars in the main, and all the WE at the event. Badabingbadaboom!

Next stop Bandung, for a one day visit, and after that Surabaya, arriving fashionably late. Don’t want to practice too much and get burned out……riiiight 😀

Terima kasih kepada semua teman saya di medan. Aku cinta kamu!

THEMarshals – Terima kasih

JQ Products THE Asia Tour Day 4


Today we had our first Setup Seminar in Medan. There were about 20 drivers present, and we discussed setup and driving. The Medan RC scene is really chill, with all different brand drivers and dealers sticking together as one, and that was evident today also, with everyone present asking questions. I like! Tomorrow we race, and we see how much we were able to improve the cars!



I also built a car for Cnetic race. A lot of wrenching going on since this is the first stop of the Asia tour, and I only got the cars here, and no way to prepare at home. Driving after the 6 week break is just awesome. I love offroad racing, be it motocross or RC. Nothing beats this!


JQ Products – THE Asia Tour 2013 Day 3

Huge thank you to Patrix Hutasoit, from Equator Hobbies for making this leg of the Tour possible! Terima kasih!

Indonesia, our first true stop on THEAsia Tour, as this is where THECars hit the track for the first time! Indonesia is a huge country, 17 000 islands or so, spanning over 5000km East to West, and almost 220 million people. Instant millionaire status too, as 1 000 000 Rupiah is less than 100usd! I have been in Indonesia 3 times before, all in 2006 in preperation for, and for the actual World Championships. I have great memories from here, and after the first day I can again say that this place rocks. Like most of South East Asia, it is hectic and chaotic on the surface, but people are laid back and friendly. In Indonesia strangers are arguably even more friendly than in other countries. Just walking down the street people say hello if your paths cross. And not because they want something from you. I have to say that’s rather nice! But of course it can be dangerous too, as any major city can. Common sense and local knowledge, that’s all you need…I hope!


But the one striking thing I remember from before, that sets this country apart from the other countries I have visited, is the extremes. The rich and the extremely poor, living side by side and rubbing shoulders daily. It seems like in other countries rich, middle class and poor areas are separated, but here, in the cities, it’s just all in one. There are literally people living in a box village across the street or next to a huge mall, or a 5 star hotel. It is just the way it is here. I wonder if this will ever change, and if this way is better, than the separation.

Awesome track or what?

Now as for the RC Tracks here, I don’t know what it is, but they are just amazing. I remember back in 2005 or 2006 when I first had the idea of an Asia tour, I checked that tracks in Indonesia and just couldn’t believe how awesome they looked. How can the track builders build these tracks so nicely? All the jumps, bumps, off cambers, it’s just ridiculous how good the Indonesian tracks are. I want to race the Indonesian National series one day just for the tracks!

Today was the first day at the track, and the first time I got to drive in 6 weeks or so. Took a while but I started to get the hang of it again. A lot of wrenching and driving, preparing all the new gear for the Tour! It is going to be epic! Even Ilias made it out on the track in his pinkmobile!

Tomorrow we start our first event, with a Setup Seminar day, and Sunday the idea is that everyone takes everything they have learned and apply it in a race. Will be fun!

JQ Products – THE Asia Tour 2013 Day 2


At JQ Products we have decided to start presenting an annual THEDistributor of the year award. We have learned that there is only so much we can do. Local presence, effort and support makes a huge difference. The products, problems, and strengths are the same in all markets, what differs is the distributor.

RcPro Thailand and Samart Khemthong has been awarded the first ever distributor of the year award, because their work has truly helped JQ Products become successful, not only in Thailand, but all over the world.

Samart is a great representative for JQ in Thailand. He is well respected in the RC scene in Thailand, always being present, and supporting local events. He is also a former chairman of the Thai RC federation. He works hard and does whatever it takes to keep customers happy and also to find new ones.

Thank you Samart and RCPro!


JQ Products – THE Asia Tour Day 1


We have arrived! After spending the first 5 days visiting our manufacturer, we are now in Bangkok Thailand for one night. Tomorrow Ilias and I will head to Medan Indonesia! Leg 2 of the journey begins!

The final work at the mfg was busy, with late nights and early mornings, but now everything is set for the release. A lot of things need to come together in order to release a new product, I am happy that we were able to be there for this final check! We built some cars, checked all parts, and really improved the manual a lot! I believe you will all love it!

More later, now off to enjoy some more Asian food!


And So It Begins!


And so it begins! This Asia Tour idea actually got it’s start back in 2006, but it is only now that I was able to pull it off!

I would like to thank all my friends for making this possible, specially Samart @RCPro, Patrix @Equator Hobbies, Cynthia @thecagency, Ash @Hobbyhabbit, that guy whose name I can’t remember who runs a dialed looking track in Dunedin NZ, Terence @YK, Pavidis and Johnsson @AKA, Rossi family @REDS, and finally Finnair Bonus miles!