Done With The Blog

I’m done with it, at least for the next month, maybe more. I have a few blogs to post still, and then that’s it. Tired of it tbh. No blog tomorrow. It’s been over a year. Read old ones if you miss it 🙂

4 thoughts on “Done With The Blog

  1. Pleb says:

    AE have shut the JQ blog down! #gagged!!

  2. Tom epting says:

    This is to bad I appreciated the honesty and got a good laugh out of your blog. Sorry things turned out how they did. Hope you still enjoy doing what your doing with developing your own car and improving your racing skills. Nothing but the best bro

  3. Jocke says:

    Most unfortunate. Some very good reads. Especially enjoyed the race commentary and thought pieces on the industry.

    I hope you continue putting stuff out there! Maybe not through the blog and less frequently but less could be more. You have a great way of expressing ideas and concepts. A personality that really ads to the Rc community imo.

    Cheers from Sweden.

  4. pawel says:

    bring it back, finally 🙂

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