Nordics/Bitty Contest/Euros Warm Up Day 3 – Observations

The track was just awesome! Apart from the jumps, some of which were quite silly, it was epic.

A real offroad track separates the men from the boys, both when it comes to setup in the pits, and racing on the track.

I hope we have more races on real offroad tracks in the future. Last years have been good in Europe!

I hope they don’t spoil it by over reacting and making it high grip and smooth by treating the surface. People will complain no matter what, just leave it. Fix the jumps, leave the track.

Boots and Ronnefalk were quite impressive. On a different level from the rest in the main.

Max Mört’s archrival Jessica Pålsson JUST beat him for the last bump to the main. Impressive by Jessica, and painful for Max.

We need LCQ at the Euros and Worlds, all the people that miss the main in the semis, get to race, but make it 2 or 3 spots that make it in.

Superpole is cool I think, maybe a few tweaks to the format, and then the announcer needs to be on it, so everyone knows what’s going on.

I am really depressed about being so much better at eBuggy. It seriously saddens me.

I am attempting to outsource my Savoya Battles for the bump up to other team members. Always a JQ there, can’t get away from it.

Why is there always a goddamn JQ in the way?

Dallas thinks he is so cool…..

….but he’s got nothing on Janne!

One thought on “Nordics/Bitty Contest/Euros Warm Up Day 3 – Observations

  1. Pleb says:

    Martin, Lee? What occurred?

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