Let Me Help You Again Asshole

I’m the kind of person, that helps anyone at the track, regardless of car brand or any other factor. Ask me for help, and I’ll help, sometimes you don’t even need to ask, and I’ll help you anyway.

Recently I have been thinking about something. If I was to say, sorry, I can’t help you to people not running a JQ car, that would make me an asshole, right? Wouldn’t it?

If so, what are the people who read my setup guides, and ask me questions, tell me they support me, yet don’t run a JQ car, or buy any JQRacing products? Are they assholes too?

Food for thought.


3 thoughts on “Let Me Help You Again Asshole

  1. Luis garcia says:

    The way i see it… if a “joe” asks for advice, asks for setups, asks for help… say that they support that specific brand, but actually owns and races another , is not really an asshole, is a special kind of stupid.

    Supoorting a brand means, supporting a brand… in sickness and in health

    • Luis garcia says:

      If you own one of those magic red cars… you should go ahead and ask … i dont know, Tebo?!?! Im pretty sure he will help out just as well as joseph…

  2. Jerry says:

    As the exclusive importer for a brand of kart chassis, I can 100% agree with this JQ.. It strikes at something deep in me what you wrote. I immediately identified with it. They want support, they want discounts, they want everything yet when it comes to actually buy something and keep us going, where are they?

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