1 Year In – Evaluation #itsuckstosuck

A year ago I announced that it sucks to suck, and it would be really cool not to suck. I then began focusing on my own driving and trying to improve as a racer. I knew my car was good, and at the time I knew about the BLACK Edition, surprise surprise, so I wanted to be on the pace once I got to release it. Let’s see where I am at now.

  • Results: No significant improvement. Same shit different day, any given race, 7th-20th is basically where I can finish.
  • Race Pace: Slight improvement, can achieve same as before, but with one or two mistakes, where before I was just perfect but slower. I haven’t been faster and perfect yet except club racing.
  • Practice Pace: Significant improvement, I am able to match the worlds best….in practice. That’s something though, I wasn’t able to do this a year ago.

Basically, I have been able to improve my skills, and I have been able to lower my best lap, and average lap very close to the pace of the very best. Basically matching or being within 3 seconds over 5 minutes. That’s really good. So I am capable of doing what these guys are doing at the races. I have stayed after races and matched TQ times, and I have practiced with the likes of Ronnefalk, Cavalieri, Rivkin and Tebo. The thing is, I need hundreds of laps, and a perfectly set up car, and dialed in driving to do it.

At the races I am still off the pace, as I can’t reach that maximum pace without getting everything just right. So basically there has been progress, just not enough yet. I’m not giving up though, I know I can do it now, I just can’t do it at the races with limited practice. I’ll keep on going, and we will see how it is in another years time.

Another improvement has been racing in traffic, doing much better than before. Now I get the wrong end of the stick only 30% of the time. Also put some nice moves on people that were mostly aggressive but fair. A few mishaps, but it’s racing.

One thought on “1 Year In – Evaluation #itsuckstosuck

  1. pawel says:

    just FYI, i really enjoy this daily write ups & thoughts you share with the rest of the world.
    keep going!

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