Rhein Main Warm Up – 17th 2nd Place Finish.

Back from Germany! So nice, flew out Friday morning, made it to the 2nd round of practice. Then completed the race, and flew back still on Sunday, an hour and a half after the main finished. Perfect! Now it’s time to get some sleep, and get well from this very persistent cold I have. I’ll do a report tomorrow, but here are a few observations first:

  • Great race by Carsten Keller to take the win in Nitro. He made the least mistakes, and had the pace to where he still won with a flame out in the pits. Great job Carsten! On to the Euros warm up!
  • Keller’s team mate Chad Reed decided to race me in the closing minutes when I was lapping him. I don’t see me catching Keller anyway, but still…..
  • Jorn Neumann was impressive in eBuggy, winning both mains.
  • Bloomfield TQed both classes, finished 2nd in eBuggy, but flamed out on the line of nitro, and was never able to recover.
  • 1998 World Champion Daniel Reckward still making mains after 30 years?
  • The race conditions were challenging, from super cold to warm, dusty to slick groove, to traction on the carpet and coming onto and off the straight. Very challenging for setup, tyre choice and driving.
  • The Kilic brothers are getting fast and were impressive. Burak still faster, although lacking some race craft, Berkan still not quite as fast, but clearly more thought going into his driving.
  • The efficient and organised German organisers actually had us running ahead of schedule, so we had to wait a few minutes at one point.
  • The marshalling points at this track deserves it’s own blog post, they are so wrongly placed.
  • RCFox, Marc Kreisig in attendance, my new German distributor in the north, with Dirk’s RC Modellbau still taking care of business in Bavaria. RCFox will be attending and supporting JQ drivers at races in Germany.
  • Currywurst is the best!

One thought on “Rhein Main Warm Up – 17th 2nd Place Finish.

  1. Achim Rau says:

    The whole audience could see what Chris Chad Reed Hahlen did in the main. Ashaming…

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