Poll Results – Drake is Out

I wrote this post that included a poll, with the question: “Who gets canned first?” Basically speculating who is going to be looking for a new drive first out of these drivers. The results are in.

It was a close fight between King and Drake, a bit like any given Saturday in Socal. Drake ended up edging King out by 1 vote. And incredible results I must say, and slightly surprising.

I know it looks like I doctored the results, but I swear I did not. I checked them today and spay my drink out all over my laptop. We have some great fans it seems.

3 thoughts on “Poll Results – Drake is Out

  1. Ray says:

    This is all you got to do with your friggin time
    Is poll who get kicked to the curb.if anyone needs to go its you.your ftiggin redulious.ihow can you fuck with someones lively hood.you need a ass beating .go back to your forgiem country and leave our usa drivers that kick you ass evrrytime alone.

  2. Dirty D says:

    Oh man this is some funny shit!! JQ you are an ass hole!! And I totally respect that 👍

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