Making Loop is Live Famous

These two idiots interviewed me for their dumb podcast. I think if you want to understand me better you should listen to it here.

I felt like I had to go on there and deal with all the bullshit they put out there.

3 thoughts on “Making Loop is Live Famous

  1. Gary James OBrien says:

    Glad you told them the truth…they thought they were so cool and was gonna nail you and call you out on a bunch of shit….

  2. nunya bidness says:

    I heard on the podcast where you were looking for information on the gyro systems. The Spektrum and Traxxas systems are built into the receiver. Futaba makes the GYC430 which is a stand alone. There are a few others made by various companies that cater to the RC drift cars as well, but I really don’t know anything about those.

  3. Stanley Wangsanegara says:

    Sanwa also release their own Gyro, SGS-01C..

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