Neo17 – Day 4, Mains & Pains

JQ cleaning up his car after smashing it to bits in his semi final. According to JQ himself he got so excited about catching and passing Dakotah Phend and Darren Bloomfield that he imploded.

Neo17 is done. 1th impressions.

– Ongaro was impressive, it’s almost like he is a virgin.

– Wings are overrated, clearly.

– At least 1/3 of JConcepts won the race. #raceaka

– Maifield ran out of white wheels: Final proof that yellow wheels are slower.

– The world champ was driving two cars. Too bad they were attached to the same chassis.

– AE team broke all non-AE parts. #wearen’tAE

– This just in: Typical Euro Layout suits stick radio.

– Maifield was on fire in eBuggy.

– Neo just isn’t the same without Hollywood and Showtime. I love them both, please come back!

– Xray: Wollanka didn’t turn up for his final, Coelho didn’t turn up for the event, Tessman’s tyres didn’t turn up for the main. #ProConcepts #2Bcontinued

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