NEO17 – Day 2 – Qualifying Part 1

Well, it’s slightly challenging to write about the top guys, because I am busy smashing into them in the top heat. So far the highlights of my qualifying.

  • Waffle stomping on Tessmann in the quad, creating the even lower low profile cooling head. Sorry Ty!#godworksinmysteriousways
  • Marco Baruffolo Special (MBS), 9 second marshaling in a 3 second crash. Please see Neil Cragg for marshaling advice.
  • Ruining Ongaro coming onto the straight, absolutely perfect showing of the wheel. #wrongplacewrongtime
  • My 10 second heavily assisted last lap crash in eBUGGYYYY after a good run.
  • Quading over Coelho like the Touring Car With Jumps Champion he is. Winning.
  • Beat Maifield in warm up. Later he told me he was on the phone. Just kidding. He said he just putts around.
  • Only REDS to do the quad, until Marco Rossi showed up and yelled at Maifield.
  • Best looking car in the woops. #stewable
  • I mainly crash on flat sections.

A lot of engineering going on in this hall!

Ironically, I am at the moment exactly where I normally am, around 20th. A year ago I wrote “It Sucks to Suck” and around the same time publicly announced that I would rather not suck anymore, and that I would try and improve as a driver. Well, one year later, same result, so FAIL you might say, but I’m actually not too unhappy. The reason is, that before I had this 20th or so pace when driving perfect heats, and not crashing. This year, I am having meltdowns, or crashes of epic proportions at times, and I am still 20th. The thing is, that I am in fact a lot faster, and also pushing more, and I just end up with one or two crashes, or traffic issues, and my time is basically about 10-15 seconds slower than a clean run. What that means, is that I basically have a 10-15 second better pace now, and if I can eliminate the mistakes, I will be much better. And it’s not like it’s impossible. In the 2nd round, I had 10 great laps, and one crash on one lap leading to a 9 second loss.

Having said that, I always drive a lot better in finals, so with the speed I have now, I am quite confident for the finals, I think I can do well if everything works. It’s going to be great fun to do battle (NO pun intended) in the mains.

On another note, JQRacing had a driver (no, Fat Jesus) in the old man final, and another, Max Mört in the Junior Final today, which was great. Too bad I had too many mistakes to make it 3/3.

The Batmobile attracts chicks! Also, please someone tell all women in the whole world that high cut jeans are terrible. Thank you.

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