Feedback Please – 6 months of shit

It’s been 6 months since the Worlds. I have mostly spent it in America. I just went to China for a couple of weeks in November.

This trip my goal was to get fast. I wanted to be able to match the fastest lap times. I didn’t expect to win yet, but I wanted to be able to do the same lap times at least. I’ll write about that in another post.

2016 was the first year that my company was at a point where I could with a good conscience take time and focus on my driving. Even so, after Cavalieri spent one day with me at the track, and saw the work I did after getting home, he sincerely questioned “How do you do it? You shouldn’t have time to do anything!” It’s true, it’s pretty hectic, But I chose this over a family, a home, a “normal” life. And I’m willing to get up at 8, and go to bed at 2, and work all that time. I do many fulltime jobs, but I do it because I love it, and I want to achieve epic shit.

That’s why when things go wrong, it REALLY pisses me off. There are two issues I don’t have an explanation for, and I am reaching out to you for answers. Please reply if you know what causes this:

1. The pipe makes a motor flame out on throttle. It is guaranteed to happen, but it only happens after a certain time, and the motor is fine up until that point. Then you punch it and it flames out.

2. A tank does the same thing.

What actually happens? Why does a pipe, or a faulty tank suddenly start flaming out a motor? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Feedback Please – 6 months of shit

  1. muzayyad says:

    Have you try another fuel tank,I suspect its fuel tank leakage,

  2. Nick Whitehouse says:

    Hey JQ, is it after fuelling? or just during normal running? When what you have described has happened to me it is due to cool fuel going thought the warm and heated fuel pipes and into the engine and cooling it. This sometimes causes rapid cooling (especially if the pit man is messy with the fuel gun/bottle) shrinking the exhaust causing increase in back pressure and killing the engine. It happens on throttle because that is when the way fuel is pushed through to the engine is under the most demand. Pressure in the pipes is at its highest, so any disturbance to the process will cause the engine to not have enough fuel flowing into it and either “lean-bog” or cut out as you say is happening to you. Hope that helps.

  3. Nigel says:

    Pressure nipple on either pipe or tank clogged up, so that the tank is actually not being pressured by the pipe and the engine starves of fuel!?!

  4. Vizard says:

    Maybe need to look into changing ur fuel, too much oil residue build up in the pipe partially blocking the pressure line to the tank.

  5. Paco says:

    JQ, really need a gremlin bell, and read about the legend. When there´s no explanation about why the mechanic failure occurs…put that bell, ask any biker about it!

  6. Shane lyon says:

    In all of my flame out experiences it was either due to shitty Motors non OS,clutch Bell bearings ,bad plugs, bad o-ring in fuel tank no more pressure from pipe, cracked tank, crappy fuel or simply too lean or too fat. Only time I’ve ever had a clogged pipe ,was on a dirt bike old YZ250 sounded like it had a rev limiter and no power

  7. Mugen Racer says:

    Have you tried bumping your idle. Bottom end a little rich? I know you run Reds as I do and the bottom seems to be the most finicky and give the most issues. As for the tank swap it out and run new line and see if that cures you.

  8. Chad Morrell says:

    Something with leaving the fuel in the car in the heat and the way the car sits(nose up normally on a starter box) expands the fuel tank and causes a muck.

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