R&D 2.0 – Making Invisible Stuff Visible

In the BLACK Edition release information I wrote about “Invisible Speed”. I call faster acceleration, and corner speed invisible speed because as a driver you are doing the same thing, and the car may actually feel the same, or very close to the same, yet it is faster. It’s faster because the car and the tyres are working better, and producing faster lap times with the same input. I haven’t been too concerned with “invisible speed” until this year, because of the obvious and evident issues needing to be solved with THECar.

Up to a year or so ago, the objective was to solve issues, unbalanced handling, aggressive initial steering, not enough after that, landing, on power handling, response and how forgiving the car was, etc. Then I felt like we reached a point where THECar was bloody good! It was not a question of geometry anymore, it was other stuff.

One was the order of priority of setup options, what is more important to have a lot of caster, and work around that, to have a short rear arm for speed, and work around that, or make the car turn with a long rear arm, etc. I needed to figure out the right order to prioritise my setup.

The second thing is all the small stuff. Sway bar location, diff height and driveshaft angles, the small things, which are hard to quantify in actual effect and to understand. Those are the things I have been focusing on, and putting all that together makes a big difference. This is the reason the BLACK Edition doesn’t look very different, from it’s predecessor. It’s many of the right small changes that add up, and make a huge improvement in handling.


One thought on “R&D 2.0 – Making Invisible Stuff Visible

  1. Pedro Galán Sánchez says:

    I am impatient to release the black edition eco version. I wrote you asking about the day of your release and you told me the end of April. I’m looking forward to it, crazy to catch it. And if you put it before the sale? I would be so happy. I am expecting a baby, my wife is out of account for May 4 and having it before would suppose riding it with something more calm. Well, in any case, congratulations for this edition. A hug from Spain.

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