Silver State – Top 10 Thoughts

1.Ryan Maifield

Been over this already. Scary good.

Maifield blowing a gasket didn’t phase Tessmann. It’s all good eh.

2. Gord Tessmann

Just a tad off the pace. Close but not quite where he used to be yet. Seems like he is not quite comfortable and confident in the pillow ball car. He makes uncharacteristic mistakes, which usually happens when you aren’t quite in tune with your car. The pillow ball car handles quite differently to a c-hub car, as the steering is different on/off power. A pillow ball car has a distinct feel. It will either take a bit longer to figure out the setup, and to get used to it, or XRay will release a c hub car. Let’s see what happens! I mean they have all the parts so….

3. David Ronnefalk

Degani was questioning why David was over in America racing? He won the worlds, why would he come over to America and lose? He is on top, stay away! That’s Degani’s thinking. Well a podium is not terrible. Not what David was looking for I’m sure. He was fast, but just lacking a bit of something. I don’t think he had any issues, started at the back thanks to drama on the first lap, and was playing catch up.

4. Ryan Lutz

Fourth, not bad, but no cigar. I mean he won Truck, he was on it, but that buggy just isn’t quite up there, like the truck is, or Lutz forgets how to drive in the couple of hours between the truck and buggy mains.

5. Jared Tebo

Tebo is old! That’s what Degani keeps saying. Well he kind of drove like he was. If the American Adrien Bertin was pitting for Tebo, he would have been yelling up a lot to tell Tebo to quit pussying sections. Don’t worry Tebo, soon we will all see if you really are a washed up family man, or if you will just dominate NEO once again. Neo suits Jared’s smooth and controlled style perfectly. Let’s see if he is too old or not!

6. Adam Drake

Not quite as exceptional as at the DNC where he was running in 2nd for a while. Maybe the lack of a legends class? Anyway, another solid finish I guess. Drake just keeps motoring on!

I’ll give you one guess…

7. Joe Bornhorst

7th, the most average position to finish. Bornhorst beat everyone that had problems, and one village idiot. I mean it’s not great, but it’s something. Lacking some speed just like Drake and the village idiot.

8th Joseph Quagraine

A waste of space in the main, way too slow. He beat everyone that broke and flamed out. Great job, the whole world is proud of you. At least he won the car designer class.

On a personal note, thanks for not watering the track…..idiots! Other than that, I had a good race going with Bornhorst and Drake for what ended up being 6th, but at the time was more like 8th, but then two things happened, and I had a 50+ second lap. Degani managed to bounce my car off someone else’s in pit lane so it hit and broke the bar over the pit lane exit, landing backwards and needing marshalling. Then this idiot backmarker decided to race me instead of just let me go, so additional time was lost. And that was it, Drake and Bornhorst were gone!

9th Mike Truhe

I don’t know if this counts as beating Truhe. (Remember he said he would quit if I beat him). He either had to stop for a cigarette, or he flamed out. I don’t know. I was racing man!

10th Tanner Denney

Tanner was fast but if you can’t keep your engine running then JQ is gonna beat you!

12th Spencer Rivkin

The World Champ was number one! He seemed lonely in the AE pits, he kept coming over to hang out in the cool pits, with me and Degani. I told him he was number one on the team now. He asked if he was automatically number two when Cavalieri was there, with clear disappointment in his voice. I said “Of course you are!”, and Degani added: “What are you talking about, this isn’t astroturf!”. At one point he was looking specially sad so we offered to build him a track in our tent on our carpet.

He did do well though, making all his mains. Unfortunately he flamed out and lost to JQ. After the race, in an attempt to cheer him up, we gave him a full roll of astroturf so he could go home and build a track for himself.

It’s just going straight again Kev!

13th Dakotah Phend

If Dakotah could figure out how to make servos last more than 5 minutes, he might win some races. He is really fast until his car goes straight into a fence. He is one of those drivers that makes you hate him because he makes looking like you are about to fly off the track, without actually doing so, look easy.

14th Josh Wheeler

Possibly Wheeler’s last big race. Josh is talented driver, sneaking it in the main once again. Something ridiculous happened to him again at this race. We have to sit down with Josh and list all the crazy things that has happened to him during his career! The slowest looking fast guy in the world!

Back when Easton was Maifield.

15th Billy Easton

After his stellar B main run, this geriatric gentleman ran out of steam and needed a nap. He just couldn’t keep his shit together for 45 minutes. Great job though, and proves that the new Serpent car is on the pace!



One thought on “Silver State – Top 10 Thoughts

  1. pawel says:

    whats the deal with wheeler? is he retiring?

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