Watered Tracks – Icecream or Cancer?

On a scale of 42 to your mum, how annoying is track watering?

The thing about watering is it makes racing a lot harder, not only does your car need cleaning all the time, you are picking tyres like you pick lottery numbers, and it extends the day by 7 hours. It’s actually impossible to figure out how to set your car up, because not only is the track different beginning, middle and end of a qualifier, each of the times you hit the track, the beginning, middle and end are different too.

“It’s the same for everyone, quit complaining”. Yes, well it’s just that it’s not the same because of this thing called talent. We have been over this. Talented drivers adapt fast, non talented drivers don’t. Search “talent” in the blog, I have written about it.

Why isn’t watering consistent? Partly because of time of day, partly because of stupid decisions being made, water every heat, water every second heat, re-seed, water this heat, water that heat, but in the end because of saving money. When a toothless sign spinner from Hemet can’t figure out how to use a hose, don’t be mad at him. He is, after all, a sign spinner. When the rastafarian at the other end of the track is so baked out of his mind that when he actually is there, he can’t tell the difference between the sky and the track, don’t blame him, because…

After all week, mudbog in practice, mudbog to just damp in quals, then figuring out how the track works in a long main when wet, basically drying, becoming dusty, then slick as an ice rink, you know what would really be a genius move? How would you really then prove to the entire world how ridiculous the whole event is when it comes to watering, and putting on a fair and just race? After all this watering of the damn track all week long:

Do not water the A main, at all.

There, prepare for that suckers! Now the track is different again, and I guess an airport shutdown imminent! What is the explanation for this? How does it make sense NOT to water for the A main, when you water every single other race? There is none, it makes 0 sense. This is why racing in America is so hard. There are no rules (except for Truck tanks), no schedule, no consistency, and you just don’t know what you are gonna get, like ordering at the drive through at Taco Bell.

But please do water the PNB as it is indoors, and the dust is deadly! HAHA

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