Silver State – Buggy B-Main – Grab Ass, Deportation, & a French Fry

Well it was another B main for me. Pretty standard. More track time if you make the main, that’s how I see it. The B main was looking pretty good on paper, but I felt like I would be able to bump if I didn’t have issues. Actually, even though I was all the way down in 7th early on, and spent some time in 5th, I was never worried, because this was a 30 minute race, and I knew that I just needed to find my bearings, and I would be ok.

In the end it turned out to be a relatively easy bump, because I made it even though my car went to shit towards the end, it was just too soft and hard to drive. Let’s take a look at all the drivers in the main.

1. Billy Easton

What a great drive from Billy! He said that if he didn’t improve his results he wouldn’t be racing these events anymore, I guess he gets to race some more now! He started off ok dropped off, and then came on strong in the last 3rd of the race. Best race he has had in a while! People don’t remember Billy used to be the man! Billy used to be Maifield. Really. Except he is World Champion! Sorry Ryan!

2. Joe Bornhorst

Started off great, and pulled a big lead, but then his tires or car faded, and he stared falling back, at one point I actually thought I might catch him, that’s how bad he faded. Don’t know what was going on there.

3. ME

I didn’t panic, I did what I had to do, and I bumped to the main. I had World Champion Mechanic Pierre Ronnefalk pitting for me. Sorry for breaking your hand in the first pit stop mate! It helps to have confidence in your pit crew. Tack så mycket för hjälpen!

4. Dylan Rodriguez

This is another guy that could be really good if he cared about RC. Very fast, but too many mistakes cost him a chance to bump. Lack of track time, that’s all.

5. Colin Herzig

The best race I have seen Colin Herzig drive. He never even blew out in the B main, and was challenging for the bump up. You may remember Colin is actually under contract by JQRacing, as we signed a 12 and a half year deal, bak in 2011. Colin has been working under cover, testing other cars, and collecting all of Kanai’s secrets from Kyosho now for the past few years. Everyone is leaving Kyosho, and now Herzig is moving up. Next dethrone Tebo. It’s not gonna be easy!

6. Greg Degani

After the Worlds I stole Greg’s car as I needed it. I then build him a car for DNC. That turned out to be a disaster for Degani. He cleaned up his car and threw it in the van. He unloaded it from the van at Silver State, and miraculously his complete lack of dedication and preparation paid off. He was dialed in Vegas. Complete domination of the 40+ class, and a great performance in the B main, beating many drivers who actually take racing seriously! This, if anything proves how good the new BLACK Edition is. Even Degani can make it look good, and perform at the highest level.

7. Billy Fischer

Got passed and beat by an old man with a DE bumpered JQRacing buggy, and a 150 dollar engine. Not the best race we have seen out of Fish-Daddy.

Kenny showing off his muscles that made sure the wheel nuts were tight!

8. Kyle Johnson

I won’t say anything because Kenny will threaten to kick my ass again!

9. CJ Tessmann

Mini Tessmann is fast, but a bit hit or miss in the mains. I have no idea how old he is, but he is progressing fast, and will surely be really annoying here in a year or two, as he will be stealing a spot in the mains.

10. Steve Harris


11. Mark Sousa

I like Sousa, he is a bit too punched out of his mind for his own good. A bit more thought into his driving and he will be good. Just more practice, and setup work, and he can start making the mains. 2nd best Canadian eh?

12. Aaron Gomez

Too punched also, leads to mistakes. Just needs more track time, speed is great at times. We can work with speed. Aaron was posting on FB about not being sure what to do as he isn’t achieving the success he wants. It’s the big question of to try harder or to give up. I think it’s pretty simple. Figure out what you want, and do that. I don’t feel like Aaron has worked very hard at RC yet, so if that’s what you want Aaron, then start working hard at it!

13. Noah Dickerson

Too much grab ass, not enough RC.

14. Cody King

Too much grab ass, not enough RC. His babysitter wasn’t at the race, so his focus was more off than normal. Couldn’t figure out how to route his fuel line so he flamed out. Karma for cutting the track.

15. Victor Guerrero

A: What is Victor doing in the Pro class?

B: How is Victor still in America? Trump said he was serious about these deportations!

Last of all:

I would like to thank Renaud Savoya for not attending Silver State, so I could finally get the last bump into the main. Thanks, and please don’t go to Neo17 either. Thanks for understanding Reno.

3 thoughts on “Silver State – Buggy B-Main – Grab Ass, Deportation, & a French Fry

  1. Jeff says:

    Why did your car go soft in your main? Did other cars too?

  2. Trever Lund says:

    CJ is 13.

  3. pawel says:

    haha, great read.

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