Silver State 2017 Practice Notes

  • Track is good, rather easy, but I suppose it will get bumpy and more challenging. It has a full length straight too. Amazing. I specially enjoy the back left corner followed by roller and left hander, going up the hill. Somehow when I get that right, it feels good.
  • Watering is just as ridiculous as always before, not surprising at all. Hopefully with only 2, yes TWO pro buggy heats, toothless Tom from Hemet can keep his shit together and not flood a section, at least for only one of the TWO heats. If he messes up, let’s hope he does so for both heats.
  • Not a great turnout. There are 27 Pro Buggies. SAD! There are only 128 drivers at the race!!!!Well, maybe the track won’t get so bumpy after all.
  • Drivers who were looking good today, Ronnefalk, Truhe, Lutz. I know David ran at least a 31.3 which is really fast, and Truhe had 31s. Lutz I don’t know lap times but he looked fast!
  • Joe Bornhorst did not take Degani’s advice, he is also racing buggy.
  • Maifield looked good, but seems like he needs more steering, at least based on the runs I saw, a bit off the pace of David.
  • Ryan Cavalieri is really hurting in practice. His car doesn’t look very good, and he will probably miss the main.
  • Greg Degani is looking strong in the 40+ division. Garen Hagobian says he has got the field covered. Kanai flew in from Japan, probably reminiscing about the 2000 Worlds.
  • Rivkin was looking lost. We offered to build him a track in our pits on our astroturf. He swears he is not just a one trick pony. He plans to prove us wrong, and do well on a loose bumpy track, with no astro.
  • This race is so small that Mugen didn’t even bother setting up their pits.
  • Neff isn’t here. What a disappointment!

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