OCRC Scandinavian Sandwich & Grassroots Worlds Prep – World Champ Going Down

Today I went to club race at OCRC with David RONNEfalk, and rebuild my nitro buggy for tomorrows Grassroots series race at Dialed In, where I am going to take down the World Champ. He is getting far to confident and cocky, and I can sense a Ken Roczen type miss calculation in his near future. I need to be sure to have the rest of the field covered when the Champ’s downfall takes place.

Today I raced 2wd and 1:8th. It was the 1st time I raced my 1:8th buggy and it was really slow to begin with, I made a couple of changes, thicker oils, harder springs, thinner sway bars, and got it a lot better for the main. In 2wd I was breaking in new tyres, and my diff really sucked, but as I was building the nitro there was no time to fix that.

This picture was taken exactly 3min before the 2nd qualifier. I missed the start by 3 seconds, and drove from the bleachers on the opposite side of the drivers stand.

So the 2wd main was a repeat of the DNC B main. The faster guys just kept crashing, and I motored along, had a big lead, and eventually they caught and passed me, right before the end. The 8th scale was a big more interesting. Please watch the epic move I put on David at about 4:20 in the race video above, and watch his really rude Scandinavian Sandwich on the back straight at 6 minutes. That is the most fun I have had racing RC Cars in a long time!

This is when David told me he is leaving now. It was past 11 and racing was over, I still had some stuff to do!

One thought on “OCRC Scandinavian Sandwich & Grassroots Worlds Prep – World Champ Going Down

  1. Stanley Wangsanegara says:

    Hilarious!!! Hahahaha…

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