The Polls Are Rigged – Epic Fail

You bastards! Here I was thinking I had a way out, an excuse to stop posting blogs every day. But no. It seems that people want more. After analysing the results, it became obvious, that the only people to actually vote no, was the entire Xray team, along with Cameron Neff. That’s a pretty good situation to be honest. I’m sure I can piss more people off by the time I hit the 2 year mark.

On that note, I can tell which posts are the most popular, but I would like to know from you. What do you want me to write about? Comment below.

9 thoughts on “The Polls Are Rigged – Epic Fail

  1. Didzis says:

    No! I allso voted “No”, because You said You are tired of this shit. And I’m not from team Xray. Cheers!

  2. Panu Kinnari says:

    My favorites are to read are race commentaries as well as your self-reflections on how you are developing as a driver. But I wouldn’t mind reading some technical articles from time to time as well.

    That being said, To ease up on the schedule I wouldn’t mind if you take couple days per week off. From personal experience, I know how consuming it can get to write something every day.

  3. Pleb says:

    Just keep it coming!

  4. Ville says:

    Epic talk about nothing. Like the sienfeld show. That lastad 9seasons. I think you Are can go on for a while. But when you start Talking about the placement of Buttons on a shirt for the second time. then you might have to stop.

  5. Nicolaj says:

    Like so many others I always read your blog entries. they are both entertaining and inspiring. keep on writing about races, tracks, setup, your colleagues, future plans etc.

    Just dont stop.

  6. Miguel says:

    Im sure you can think of great topics but how about Driver Analysis. You called out some drivers for being lazy. You could do a blog on the hardest workers in RC and the Laziest drivers wasting their talent. Clearly you give zero fucks about sharing your opinion even if its negative.

  7. Jeff says:

    Dissecting your races, set up, general smack talking, r/c rumor mill, Degami… all the same stuff.

  8. Tom epting says:

    I could care less what u write about it always seems interesting to me. I’m definitely a fan. U even have me on the fence about going back to nitro and buying the new black edition. Been reading anything and everything I could find on it. Like I keep saying to you jq. Keep it coming.

  9. vol74 says:

    Reflect on driving faster. Driving skills, also setup insights I like too. Keep going for sure.

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