DNC17 – The Track

dnc17-neo-0277-x2There was a lot of crying and complaining about the track at DNC. A lot of tears were shed, a lot of feelings were hurt, a tremendous amount of arms were smashed, believe me. I have given the organisers a hard time for the fact that they forgot to organise. I still haven’t seen results from the race. I probably never will. But The Dirt crew have one thing going for them. The track.

I feel like there were a few years where Joey got a bit lazy with the track. You arrived and thought, “that’s it, really?”. However, the last couple of years, the tracks have been really good, and specially this one. As much as I enjoy a full straight, once they smoothed out the jumps at the front, they actually made for a great track feature.

The great thing about this track, was how difficult it was, and how varied it was. It had a little bit of everything, and to make a good lap was rewarding. It wasn’t like the track was random, after the 1st practice day at least. Everything was doable, and repeatable, it was just that it was difficult to do. Perfect. With a difficult track like this, the good thing is that you can actually catch someone by pushing a bit more, and taking some risks. Everyone isn’t doing the same thing, you can go faster, but the risks grow. If the track is easy, you can’t catch up, you just have to hope the driver in front makes a mistake.

For all the people crying, I would just like to share with you Maifiled’s quote. “It’s not the Nitro Easy, its Nitro CHALLENGE!”. I hope Joey keeps making the track special, like this one was, when the best drivers in the world are making mistakes, you know the difficulty level is on point.

9 thoughts on “DNC17 – The Track

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  2. Brian Martinac says:

    Nice post…..I left DNC pretty down on my driving but if the pros found the track difficult I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. The only real complaint I had is when did skid steer tire trenches and indentations become design features for a track? A large portion of the roughness of the track wasn’t due to rc cars.

    But I had fun and that’s the real purpose behind doing this is it not?

    • B Martinac says:

      For the record……..I had no problem with the layout of the track I actually enjoyed it! I just didn’t deal with the roughness of it very well and didn’t make car adjustments fast enough. By Sunday and my poor main showing I actually liked my buggy and ran my best laps. No excuses I did poorly others dealt with it better.

      However I would still voice my disappointment, you come to one of the premier rc events in the world spend lots of money to get there…….take advantage of all the amenities (crate rental…….more money for the organizer) and there are tractor tire trenches and indentations all over the track. That’s not an excuse as to why others may or may not have beat me they had to drive the same track as I so yes they beat me! If racers think it’s a good design feature then I expect to see tractor tire trenches and indentations becoming more prominent around the world!

      Oh one other thing……limit your entries and charge me a little more money………don’t cut what is already very limited track time because 180 more people signed up the day of the events start! One of the biggest reasons I hear people say they won’t go is the limited track time……and this year we had a shorter warm up time and had a minute taken off of each qualifier. Having ever shorter races to meet curfew just so the organizers can pocket more money would be the largest factor to making me stay away!

  3. Tom epting says:

    I like this post and can only hope that more of these so called racers understand that a track should be like this it should separate the talented from the not so talented. It should not be easy and like u said all of the features are completely doable and that if u did them and tried to carry more speed that was the risk u took to go faster. It pisses me off that people complain about a track or a surface everyone is driving the same surface if someone beats you it’s because they where better then u that day. So stop crying and go practice. Or quit racing and take up coloring where all the Libes are easy to stay in.

  4. Mike Frost says:

    You should learn to proof read and spell

  5. Scott Bergseng says:

    Mike Frost, needs a life.

  6. Felipe Lyon says:

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

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