DNC Saturday Mains


Some notes from Truck and eBuggy main day:

eBuggy A Main

I don’t know, I was in it and sucked pretty badly. Maifield won.


1st Ryan Maifield

Like I said, switches to Mugen and keeps the throttle pinned.

“Fastest guy in America last year, fastest guy in America this year” – Degani.

2nd Joe Bornhorst

Everyone says that Tekno has the best Truggy, and I think Bornhorst proves that.

“Bornhorst should stick to racing Truggy.” – Degani

3rd Ryan Cavalieri

Bumped from the B, so a great drive through the pack. Specially fast after the woops. Nice moves on Tebo too.

4th Jared Tebo

“Classic battle with Cavalieri” – Degani

5th Dakotah Phend

Fast but too many mistakes.

“I agree” – Degani

6th David Ronnefalk

Somehow David managed to go fast enough between the crashes, and the rich engine and almost got 5th.

“Lean it out Bertin” – Degani

7th Ty Tessmann

His car came unplugged…AGAIN, happened before at this same race, different plug apparently. He was leading when it happened, was shaping up to be an epic battle with Maifield.

“Time for a KO switch. How do you have a Deans plug on a nitro car. I don’t get it. It’s 2017.” – Degani

8th Alex Zanchettin

Impressive to make all 3 mains at his first DNC.

“Stay in Italy” – Degani

9th Spencer Rivkin

I didn’t watch Spencer for a single lap. Invisible!

“Stick to astroturf” – Degani

10th Tanner Stees


11th Cole Ogden

Hit or miss, either up there, or total blowout. This time it was the latter.

“Don’t try to pass in the triple!” – Degani

12th Renaud Savoya

Bumped in with a strong drive in the B main.

“Waste of space.” – Degani

13th Ryan Lutz

Can’t finish a race to save his life.

“Maybe eTruggy will get popular, where you only have to go 10 minutes” – Degani

14th Tanner Denney

He was in the race?

“Good job on making the main.” – Degani

15th Elliot Boots

You wait all that time, and don’t even get to complete a lap! Broke a servo.

“Nice warm up laps mate” – Degani

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