DNC17 – 1st Impressions

First of all, check this out! Tremendous, believe me. It’s gonna be great, really unbelievable.

Ok, now on to the report. 1st Impressions

Degani and I rolled in Tuesday evening, in time to set up the pits, and camp in daylight, and have a nice evening before practice kicked off Wednesday. We were pleased to be greeted by an immaculately prepared track, with a long straight to really hear those nitro motors scream, and get up to speed. A consistent well packed surface, with carefully crafted, tested, and perfected jumps awaited us. As the rock crawling and 5th scale tracks would not be used until Thursday and Friday, they had been put aside and were unfortunately not finished, due to the rain. All focus was on the main track, as that’s where the action would begin.

Unlike previous years, the amount of classes was limited, we didn’t have any unnecessary classes like “legends” or “expert”, so everyone got decent track time per class. Furthermore, thanks to pre signup, there were no transponder issues, or drivers added during the day, saving a lot of time, and removing the need to re do the heats after the 1st practice round. All of this contributed to the fact that we were done with practice at a decent time, around 7pm, leaving ample time to relax and socialise.

The facility is amazing. The air compressor has a gigantic tank, that never runs out of air, and there are enough nozzles for everyone. The tyre washing station was busy after the morning’s damp practice, but as the brushes and water supplied was sufficient, there was never a problem. Tables and chairs were obviously provided for all international drivers, that goes without saying. Unlike most American races, there is also a schedule posted, and every heat’s results are posted on the side of the drivers stand immediately after the heat, as everyone does not have wifi. The schedule really makes it easy to plan your day, as you know what time your race is up. The pit lane is clearly marked with entry and exit, which makes the transitions between heats really smooth, and of course spots are marked both for the drivers, and the mechanics down below.

Qualifying will definitely be really fair and equal for everyone, with consistent watering creating equal track conditions for all, which is great. Everyone gets the same amount of warm up time for each heat, and no one gets special treatment, like an extra couple of minutes to re-fire or fix something.

That’s it for now! More observations once the action really starts!




5 thoughts on “DNC17 – 1st Impressions

  1. Stoffer says:

    Nice straight up report without any sarcasm. Good luck.

  2. pawel says:

    hilarious 😀

  3. Dan says:

    Sarcasm I suspect.

  4. Billy Hill says:

    Great!! keep em coming!! HAHA

  5. Jeff says:

    You and the American Adrien Bertin better beat Kortz and Neff with the new car!

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