Strange DNC Prep


I found your problem dude!

Well, after a mega wrenching session yesterday, today was easier, with only some final adjustments to do. Degani was too fat and short to fix his satellite dish that got messed up in the storm, so he sent me up there.

Now all cars are prepared, my own Nitro and EP Black Editions, my AE Truggy (oh man), Degani’s Black Edition that I built for him, J Smoker’s new Black Edition EP and Nitro that I also built. A lot of building, but now it’s all done.

DNC17 #campinglife 2.0. The best way to attend the DNC is to camp at the track. Long days are easier when you have your own living room and bed at the track! Should be fun.


Shopping for supplies got Degani all excited!

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