Meaningful Practice


I have noticed some progress in my skills here lately, specially now that I have been able to visit tracks that I haven’t been to in about a year. It’s easier to notice progress that way I feel.

There are two things that have improved, 1. I’m able to pull off a hero lap that is on pace with the fastest guys, where during the last few years I haven’t been able to do that, 2. I am able to get in “the zone” more often, pretty much every time I go to the track now. I wrote about getting to that level here.

For me to make any progress as a driver, I basically need to be averaging as close to that hero lap as possible, and I need to reach the point where I am in the moment, and driving to my best ability. Anything less and it just isn’t going to make any difference. The best way to make sure to do this, is to have a 5 minute benchmark time, that I then go out and try and beat, but focusing on every corner and section at a time, and thinking about what I am doing, and not just going through the motions.

Today at Dialed In it took a while to get the mojo going, but as the sun was going down I started clicking off fast laps, all within a couple of tenths. That’s what I need to do, a lot, and maybe further progress can be made. There is still too much of a difference between my average and good runs. I can just take a step back, focus a few seconds, start again, and go half a second faster. I should always be going as fast as I can.

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