JQ’s Top 5 List Of Things To Make More Fun Of


  1. America
  2. Religion
  3. Xray Drivers
  4. Cameron Kyle Neff
  5. All RC Racers with “Public Figure” Facebook pages.

Comedy, it’s funny. Comedy has always been a big part of my life. I am a very non-serious serious person. I guess I have my father to thank, as he introduced me to Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, etc. I can start and run a company that operates all around the world, yet at the same time looking at me people probably go how in the hell…..That’s because of this thing called humour. If you have a good sense of humour, you can deal with any situation, because your mind can process anything that get’s thrown at it. And that’s a fact. I didn’t read this somewhere, I just made it up. But I think it’s a pretty solid statement.

RC Racing had become boring to me, going to another big race, people being all serious wrenching in private containers, lying to team mates about setups, all serious and boring. Read stuff online, you just get boring kiss ass reviews, interviews and “opinions”, zero substance. Everything is great and everyone is awesome. So I had enough and thought I would spice things up, if not for anyone else, for me, because I’m stuck with this now.

Most of my blog posts are supposed to be funny, some are laugh out loud funny, some are amusing, but most definitely, the more serious they sound, the more likely it is I was laughing when I wrote it. So to all of you crybabies out there, try to look inside of you and find your sense of humour. If you find yourself getting mad at what I say, it’s time for you to take yourself a little less seriously. Let me tell you a story.

There was this stand up comedian who began his set, and he started off at the deep end, making fun of religion. The audience loved it, turns out they were secular, and they thought religious people were a bit silly. What a great show it was. Then the comedian moved on and made some jokes about autistic children. Suddenly he wasn’t the best comedian ever anymore. There was a man in the audience whose boy was autistic. He didn’t appreciate the jokes. He got mad and left.

Don’t be THAT guy.

I make fun of everything and everyone. If I make fun of a car, a brand, a person, an event, it doesn’t mean I hate it or them. It simply means I wrote or said something that made someone else laugh. It’s that simple.

If you get offended or mad because of a joke, you completely deserve it.

3 thoughts on “JQ’s Top 5 List Of Things To Make More Fun Of

  1. pawel says:

    nailed it once more!!

  2. Billy Hill says:

    you speak some truth–humor or not

  3. Tom epting says:

    Like the outlook man couldn’t agree more.

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