EOS Slovakia Rd3 -4wd Main 2 Commentary by JQ

Above you can see the 2nd A main of the Xray round of the EOS. This round was held at the Xray head quarters in Slovakia. Now I will give you a rundown of what went on in this final.

  1. First of all, we note that the track is covered with carpet. Instead of running Touring Cars which would make sense, wooden obstacles are placed on the course, and buggies are used. A new form of Touring Car with Buggies &  Jumps is created, and it’s actually a really terrible form or racing.
  2. Scotty Ernst presses play on his pre-recorded ramblings, and we are off. Xray failed to lock down all 10 main event positions, with only 6.
  3. First lap and Martin Bayer is looking far too much like Coelho’s lover again. Where is the aggression? Barn doors are open, but no moves are being made.
  4. In the end Coelho must have felt embarrassed for his team mate, and singles a jump in an attempt to let Bayer through. A strange strategy I must admit. Bayer probably was so confused by this move that he hesitated, and cased the jump.
  5. Jorn Neumann thanks team Xray for self destructing, and slices his way into the lead. We are one lap into the race.
  6. Well almost. Bruno Coelho performs a CTO (Coelho Take Out). This is a unique take out, which requires a complete lack of respect and recognition of the fact that other cars exist on the track. For another example, please check here.
  7. Martin Wollanka inherits the lead, and self destructs exactly 1 second later by removing the front right corner off his car. It reminded me of this.
  8. Martin actually continues with three wheels, and finds that it adds stability to his car.
  9. Hupo Hönigl now inherits the lead. He is now Xray’s last hope. The pressure is mounting. Hupo tightens up his lines.
  10. At 1:20 Hupo realises that he has a virgin chasing him, he remembers my blog from some days ago,and begins to get nervous.
  11. At 1:48 Hupo finally blows out, in a very similar fashion to yours truly, by shorting a silly little jump. What a disaster. The Xray self destruction is complete.
  12. At 2:08 Michael “Tilt’s” afro is blocking the back corner of the track.
  13. At 2:20 Neumann is in 3rd, and Gerd is still cussing out Coelho.
  14. The track actually is looking pretty cool. Shame about the carpet though.
  15. It’s beginning to look like a Schumacher is going to fly off the track shortly.
  16. I was right, 2:58 and it’s off!
  17. 3:10, and it’s quite obvious that no one wants to win this race. Neumann does what every RC racer has done. Lee crashes. Neumann thinks, “Yess I will inherit the….oh shit” And he crashes too.
  18. 3:2o into the race and Marc Rheinard is trying to decide which club to go to tonight.
  19. With a minute to go, it is obvious that Lee Martin hasn’t read my blog. He is solid. Maifield must have inspired him, he is making that Yokomo look dialed.
  20. Final lap, pure class.

Over and out.

6 thoughts on “EOS Slovakia Rd3 -4wd Main 2 Commentary by JQ

  1. Olie Dillon says:

    Just brilliant!!! Hahaha

  2. JQ Sweeck says:

    The most comedic blog post I’ve read so far 🙂 🙂 🙂

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