I Hate Stupid People – New JQ Segment


On my drive back from Arizona I had the idea to start a new completely irregularly posted blog segment, highlighting the idiots of the world. I find stupid things quite entertaining. I look at some things in the world, and I just wonder who came up with such a ridiculous idea. Or I look at people and wonder how Darwin hasn’t already taken care of them and put them 6ft under.

Hate is a strong word, I don’t really hate. Even my first girlfriend who cheated on me after, or rather during a 4 year relationship, I didn’t hate her. I packed her stuff, and asked her to move out. I even found her an apartment and moved her stuff there. Then I told her to never call me again. But I don’t hate her. There are people that clearly hate me, I don’t hate them, I’m just indifferent. Maybe they have some issues in their life and they need to take it out on me. I don’t know. I have clearly lived a privileged life, since I don’t feel the need to hate anyone.

If there was a God, an all powerful being, and it came to me and said, JQ, tell me one person you hate, and I’ll send him to hell for you. I really couldn’t give a very good answer, but if I was forced to, I would have to settle for someone that definitely would deserve such a fate, someone like Robert Mugabe or Henry Kissinger for example. You know an asshole on a global scale.

Having said that, I’m still going to make the title I Hate Stupid People, because it’s just a much better title that way.


One thought on “I Hate Stupid People – New JQ Segment

  1. guy says:

    I just hate parking meters..

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