Daniel Adams Appreciation Day

sun_danieladamsI wonder how many week ends Daniel Adams works every year. He seems to be at a race representing Pro Line every possible week end. This guy is a trooper, and after the Reedy Race I thought he has earned his own Daniel Adams Appreciation Day. He not only spent time at the track before the event with team drivers, testing tyres, and preparing for the event, at the event I saw Daniel do all of the following things:

  1. Setup and maintain the ProLine pit presence.
  2. Supply tyres.
  3. Tech inspection.
  4. Tyre impound.
  5. Set up and work the DJ booth.
  6. Help out in the hobby store.
  7. Race.
  8. Walk around with red cheeks.

I really wonder if Pro Line pay him enough. I doubt it. What a valuable guy to have working for your company.

2 thoughts on “Daniel Adams Appreciation Day

  1. WC 2002 says:

    It was a $13 an Hour job 7 years ago…

  2. pawel says:

    credits to jq for this, great move!

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