Reedy Race PRACTICE, We Talkin’ ’bout PRACTICE! PRACTICE!


Let me tell you a story. This year, well technically last year, in November, I met this young man by the name of Jacob Mayonnaise, known to most as Jake Mayo. I had never spoken to this guy before, although I do believe he has beat me at OCRC before, because I remember thinking who the hell that asshole is that is so fast. Anyway, this time we spoke, and turns out this fool is a funny guy, and very fast.

This is his first Reedy Invitational class event, and Jake had carefully built a brand new AE B6 4wd, and meticulously prepared a special lightweight body for it, with nice paint job, it sort of looks like mayo gone bad. He spent hours cutting it out, sanding the edges, applying the stickers perfectly, everything was ready for the Reedy Race.


First practice, possibly the first timed lap, I was obviously already on a heater. I mean this is practice, I take it pretty seriously, it’s the only thing I can win at this point. And I did, TQed the 1st round of practice, so I was moving. Jake however, took a more calculated, and cautious approach, which lead to him single doubling the tricky step down jump. I obviously doubled the shit out of that thing. I waffle stomped onto his car almost as impressively as the infamous Wally “Wafflestomp” Walnutz back in the day. I smashed straight through Mayo’s body and cracked and dented it. So sorry Mayo, welcome to the invitational class. This is nothing, wait until you are mid pack in a race, leave those lightweight bodies at home dude!

In other news, I may or may not have underestimated Dustin Evan’s pace. Tessmann also looks fast, but I’m sticking to what I wrote yesterday. Being fast and racing well through the pack are two different things.




One thought on “Reedy Race PRACTICE, We Talkin’ ’bout PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

  1. Bmain says:

    Holy he’ll jq’s car is ugly more sticker than a nascar!

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