Being Liked vs. Being Right


One thing that I think is quite obvious, is that I’m never going to be one to step in line, put on a suit and tie, and play the game. I look at the world, and I see a lot of greatness, but also a lot of utter human produced shit. Unfortunately, we have reached the point, where simply existing in this world almost automatically makes you a part of the problem, because of the society we have ended up with. What I have thought about, is how to balance the scales so the positive trumps the negative, when you are done with your life.

My opinion is that in this world, if you want to be successful the standard approach is to put financially motivated blinkers on, proceed to be a homogeneous cog of society, specifically of the tribe you were born into. Work on accepting the problems of the world without question, be a good person, but don’t worry about being or becoming part of the problem. Don’t think that far.

Child labour is a problem, it would be better if kids could go to school, but this is such a great deal! I’m gonna buy this one. We all do that, it’s impossible to know everything about what you consume. Next step, as a company, this vendor is a bit dodgy, but it’s such a great deal, I’ll go for it, I can just turn a blind eye. It’s easier to do this, however, even if you try to do the right thing, you can still end up being part of the problem. It’s difficult to be responsible.

Business is business. IBM sold punch card technology to the Nazies, they were used to organise the holocaust. You know Hugo Boss began by supplying the Nazies their uniforms? Do you think the people in charge were worried about being good, or worried about making money? I think we all know the answer.

Since we are on the subject, how was it possible that the holocaust even took place? I mean what were regular good Germans doing? What was the rest of the world doing? How was it possible to have segregation in America? You know why it was possible? Because good people didn’t dare risk being labeled as a “jew sympathiser”, or as a “nigger lover”. There were real world implications to that! Best just play along!

So on my journey through life, I have made sure of one thing, I will not knowingly be part of the problem. I’m not going to wear blinkers, and I will knock yours off your face if I’m given a chance. You can pick them up and put them back on, or you can learn, but I won’t just walk by. I know that it’s harder to be successful this way, I know that if you have an opinion you automatically divide people, and that it will reduce your potential customer base. But instead of turning vanilla, I think it is a lot better to work on improving the methods of communication and define the message better. That will mean more people will understand what I am trying to say, and less people will draw the wrong conclusions, such as for example that I hate America, which obviously is against everything I believe in. Speaking out is one thing, and actually doing something is another, and in my life I want to cover both. Just getting the hang of part one here first!


4 thoughts on “Being Liked vs. Being Right

  1. Jukka vatanen says:

    Jose: It is a known fact: You are a “Narcisst”, you look at all things in life from your point, only… Luckily not the bad kind of narcisst, but soft kind, that want other people enjoy their life and what they do, too… But , to succeed in life and business, you have to be able to manipulate people to some extent. A “Win-win” situation is the best. That is the basis to a good business.

    • WES LAWRENCE says:

      Rubbish. I’ve read his entire blog, and he is far from narcissistic. He also sees things from ALL sides, the factory driver, manufacturer, business owner, newbie, young asian kid with no clothes near the track, etc. He is the rare person that sees things through as many eyes as possible and distills that information into an informed opinion. You see a vessel, a form known as JQ, but his voice is actually a conglomeration of many opinions. You see this in many eventual greats, like legendary director Stanley Kubrick, who would listen to anyone’s opinion and was able to hear them and dismiss the rubbish, but first LISTEN. 🙂

  2. Paco Topete says:

    Potential buyers want to read that “Jesus All mighty Christ opened the eyes” to a converted from budism JQ, and thats why you win the races, so if I buy a kit, will That Jesus be on charge to correct missteps, wrenching, practicing, selecting tires and give the driver the confidence in themselves…Come on JQ, stop making people think out the box and make them think what is inside of The box, make money, get a driver, make more money, and give my part of the proffit for giving you this great idea…

  3. Arch Stanton says:

    It´s a bit of a mystery how a 30+, secular, travelled man still thinks he can open eyes, change the world etc.

    Quote from one of the greatest minds of all time (GMOAT), John Rambo: Live your life, ’cause you’ve got a good one.

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