Racing Practice


Recently I have managed to get a bit faster with 2wd, and I’m closer to the top pace. Where before I was over a lap off  the pace, now I’m about 10 seconds off the pace on a 5min run. That’s a huge improvement for me. This means that when club racing with drivers who I was basically just in the way of before, I’m now actually somewhat of a legit threat if they make a mistake and I don’t.

So racing is a lot more fun now, as I am racing better drivers. This means that when you have a club race at OCRC with Cavalieri, Hartson, Thielke, Denney, Thayer, Waffle Stomp Walnutz etc, I need to be perfect, and I’ll be in the mix. This sort of practice is really good, and exactly what I need right now.

Today I was doing really well, trying to push a bit more, and I made mistakes every run. It really pisses me off to crash, even in a club race, but right now I have to go faster, so I am going to crash. I can’t back it down, I need to go even faster. More practice, and the mistakes will go away.

Another thing, the mental game. I started 5th, 2 guys ahead of me tangled, I almost got by, got clipped, flipped, dead last. Mentally I just blew out right there. I made a couple of more mistakes and that was it, I still finished 5th but I should have been 3rd in that race. No matter what happens, you should always keep your focus, and not blow out and give up subconsciously. So, next race, back at it, and try and improve. It’s not easy trying to improve, but it seems like it’s possible. Skills, technique, car setup, mental game, there’s a lot to it.

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