Being The New Racer – Guest Blog by Liam Galvin


At some point we have all been the new one to RC. Going to the track for the first time to race, not knowing exactly what to expect. It can be a pretty exciting time, but also nervous as hell. Some of us will still be able to remember that day, others maybe not, but it can be the most important day of all your RC Racing.

Recently I have noticed less people will go out of their way to help someone that is new at the track, and more so see it as an opportunity to sell their old stuff off. Take a minute and think. When you bought that set of tyres did you think, well when I’ve had my use out of them I can see them for X amount? No. That new racer though that you watch struggling to get round the track on the wrong tyres though, give them to them and make their day! Or your thinking about replacing your tools, give them to someone who maybe just got their RTR car and only has basic ones that come in the kit. A small gesture like that will go a long way. Yes maybe you could have made a little money, but the positive image it gives on your first time to have someone give you something that helps is priceless.

One thing that you can’t buy when starting out is knowledge, which is why as current racers we should all take some time out of our day to sit with them and pass on some of the basics that will help them out massively at the start. Spend time on the rostrum with them to help them get up to speed without worrying; friendly words can help build their confidence, which in turn will help bring on their driving. At one point we were in their same position, did anyone help you out? If not, wouldn’t it have been nice to have that?

To leave the track after your first ever day having had people help you out, spend time with you, and just be a nice place will make you want to go back straight away. This is what matters for our hobby.

From that day onwards RC can then become something that you enjoy. We all go racing to have fun. Or does everyone? More on that in another guest blog piece.


One thought on “Being The New Racer – Guest Blog by Liam Galvin

  1. Johnny G says:

    Something us older racers have witnessed is the near death of our favorite hobby. Embrace the new guy, always. We need them.

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