It’s not the money – It’s the choices you make!


Today I was supposed to write a blog post about the “pussification” of RC (and society in general), but turns out that topic will take more than 5 minutes to cover, so as I zip tied a shop towel around my cooling head for break in, I thought of something else.

One thing I get a lot is “I don’t have enough money to do well” or “I don’t have the money to race, I need to get a free car so I can race”. Let me just put this as politely as I can for you:


There, now that you are paying (no pun intended) attention, let me explain. For most people who have RC Car Racing as a hobby, assuming they are young, and don’t have a family to support, there is no excuse. There really isn’t. If you want to race RC cars, you can, so stop saying you can’t afford it. Families and responsibilities complicate things, but that’s your own fault :-). This post is mainly for the young racer that decides to blame lack of money instead of lack of dedication.

First of all money, if you don’t have it, you need to make it, get a job. Simple. I know successful RC car drivers who have gone to school, worked, practiced and raced, and made it work. It’s possible. When you get good enough you can skip the job and get paid as a racer. There are no short cuts, unless your parents have $$$.

Second, be smart with your money. When I first spent time in America, I made a deal with SoCal RC Raceway where I would clean the tables and empty the trash at the end of the day so I could race for free. Why? To save money so I could practice more! Be smart.

You also don’t need a couple of OGIO bags, the latest bling, those new titanium turnbuckles, and that engine heater. Focus on the basics, buy a new engine and new servos, try and get everything else 2nd hand. Buy two 2nd hand cars from the best driver you can at the end of the season for example, and prepare them for the next season. Buy one run tyres. Think a few times before spending money, do I really need this? People tend to focus on the wrong things. Do you want to look good in the pits, or look good on the podium? Let me tell you what you need, you need a well maintained car, you need a good engine, you need a good clutch, and good tyres. You don’t need an engine heater. Use a shop towel and a zip tie. Apply this thinking to everything except what I mentioned above. When it comes to RC racing, the key to success is not the amount of money you have, weather your parents support you or not, weather you are sponsored or not, they key to success is that thing between your ears, and the part of it that controls your attitude. #againsttheodds

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