Worlds Most Misleading Title

What a fucking idiot this Dinesh D’Souza is. He is lecturing here, and he is not capable of understanding what this student is asking. Basically the student is saying that he thinks that due to past injustice, society needs to accept that a lot of the gap between rich and poor is because of the past, and as such a social safety net for those unluckier people should be in place, so that they too can improve their lives and thrive.

Dinesh’s reply, twice btw, you are a hypocrite, give up your advantage, if you are such a hero, don’t demand that others do it. WTF? When a seemingly educated person, Dinesh, cannot intelligently argue against the idea that an attempt to strive for a more fair society where the more disadvantaged aren’t left behind, is the best way forward, the only person getting owned is Dinesh himself. I rarely get mad at the videos going on in the background when I work, but this moron made me stop to make sure I am hearing right.

Am I missing something? You can comment if you think so.

One thought on “Worlds Most Misleading Title

  1. Fossto says:

    I completely agree with you JQ, this dude Dinesh couldn´t give the kid a good answer. The kid even told him he had lectures for less wealthy people to try to help them get in to the system after being denied by it. But still Dinesh keeps going about how the kid is a hypocrite. It´s weird argueing about something he never brought up in his argument and calling him a hypocrite, when he clearly is the other way around. Even giving up his privilige as “white” to help others. Dinesh says that only becuse the system is in place right now, you can not remove it. That´s some bullshit right there, i mean, even if it´s long time ago it was war, and they didn´t have the system then to benefit all races, they can´t implement it now to make up for their racism? The creativity level on how to solve problems have always been super low when it comes to politicans, when there are so many doors you can close, and many more to open to benefit people in need. HAHAHA

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