TNS Race #2 at Revelation Raceway

I don’t even want to write anything. Neffed out real bad today. Didn’t get a good qualifying run in, yet still qualified 2nd behind Drake, ahead of King and Kortz. So that’s progress I guess, mixing it up with the big boys even when things don’t go to plan.

Then 1st corner in the main, King barely tags my rear end, I spin out into the pipe, try to hop over it, flip. I’m last. 1st full lap, going into the 7 pack, singling, marshal blocking my view, I hit a crashed car. Marshal flips me over back on my roof. After the 1st lap I am 17 seconds down from the leader, and the race is basically over.

I drove up to 4th. I was so mad, not because of the result, but because I missed out on a great race, battling for the win. I’m Neffing so bad right now, I’m going to bed. I had my American Adrien Bertin drive out there to pit me and everything….Drake won from King and Kortz. Damn even Kortz beat me…Still up for the year though.

Anygays, tomorrow I fly to China to kick some ass, so not sure when the next blog will be due to being stuck on a plane forever, but it’s basically going to be the next time I have internet when I get there.

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