Election Day – What a Circus

Isn’t it nice to listen to someone intelligent that actually thinks about these things, and studies them, talk about the problems of our time? Such a nice change from the garbage you hear from either side of the political spectrum.

This was a particularly great video, because it covered the very subjects that I have been pondering, specially during this year, and even more during this insane election in America.

  1. The liberal lefties not seeing or accepting the problems faced by western countries, such as the problems brought by immigration. The extreme political correctness, social justice warrior phenomenon, safe spaces and trigger warnings. Incredible stuff.
  2. The “alt right”, the self proclaimed reaction to the failure of the left to recognise and address the problems of society. Taking anti political correctness, and using it as an excuse to just basically be a bigot. The new acceptable way to be a racist moron, “tell it like it is”, fight “political correctness”. No, you are just a bigot.
  3. The anti science crowd, and taking points which are in reality not contested, such as climate change, or weather or not Obama is a muslim born in Kenya, and making it seem like both sides of the argument are equal. If you only watch Fox News, or you only watch CNN, your world view will be quite different, but in both cases it will be unrealistic. It seems like an informed opinion is a rare thing, but not only that, now we have to deal with misinformation at a whole new level it seems.
  4. Social media and the way the algorithms basically create a bubble for you, filled with confirmation that the view you hold is the right one, no matter how crazy it is. Instead of promoting diversity and spreading ideas, social media works as an echo chamber perfectly set up for confirmation bias to dominate.

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