OCRC Sunday Club Racing


After yesterday’s JBRL 1:8th scale racing, I headed to OCRC in Huntington Beach, 20 minutes or so away from where I am living here, for some Sunday afternoon club racing. They race from 3-8pm or so on Sundays, with practice before that. 2 qualifiers and a main is what we run. Anyone into RC cars, living in Southern California is so lucky to be able to race at awesome facilities almost every day of the week!

I had new tyres, but quickly learned that new tyres really suck! So I ended up running my old ones. The local cool guys, led by Barry Baker were making fun of me on my first run of the day, as I was double singling that big triple, going as far as to announcing in the loudspeaker “JQ, that’s a triple not a double single….still a triple.” Then later when I ran my 4wd and messed up and double singled “It’s a triple in 4wd too”.  Why do people always make fun of me? Reminds me of this song.

J Smoker's 16th Birthday at OCRC today!

J Smoker’s 16th Birthday at OCRC today!

However, once racing started, I got my act together. What I’m looking to do is dial in both cars, and then I will share my complete setups with you. The cars are already good, with me running basically what I ran in Spain for the Euros, but I’m sure I can improve them further. I did TQ and win 4WD, and somehow I got 2nd in 2WD. That was cool I thought. The American’s are so fast in 2wd it’s ridiculous, so to do well in 2wd here is tough.


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