Club Racing in America

Tuesday Night Nationals at HotrodHobbies tonight. I TQed and Degani qualified. I won and Degani BLEW OOOUTTT!!!

Tuesday Night Nationals at Hot Rod Hobbies tonight. I TQed and Degani qualified 2nd. I won and Degani BLEW OOOUTTT!!!:-p

One of the great things about spending time with your RC Cars in America, is that you can race almost every day of the week. And actually, this is a really bad time for club racing, it used to be better in the past! If you run 1:8th and 1:10th, you can club race Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the area I am staying. Maybe even Thursday, hell I haven’t checked! Do you still wonder why there are so many fast American racers?

Club racing has been dying out, probably partly due to all the bigger money grabbing races that offer low value to your average racer that attends. A lot of money, a lot of time, and the same track time you get at a weekly club race! Not good for our sport in my opinion, I hope race organisers start running races with the actual racers in mind again, instead of just inventing classes and trying to maximise entries. Maximise fun instead!

Actually, for me, the most fun I have ever had running RC cars, has been back when we used to race modified touring cars on carpet in a relatively small bomb shelter in Finland. There were about 5-6 of us, and on the best nights we had some EPIC battles, I remember some crazy overtaking manouvers, and bumper to bumper action. One night a guy got a bit too ambitious going down the back straight, hit the wall and his car bounced 6ft up in the air into the rock wall. The rest of us had to pull off because we were laughing so hard. Club nights, and club racing is the best, when you get the same group of people going week after week, that’s when it gets really fun. Just need to make sure not to Neff out and create unecessary tension. Keep it fun! I never understood why we don’t do more club racing in Europe!



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