Random Observations About America Part 1

usa-toiletsI never understood American public bathrooms. Or “restrooms”, apparently Americans go there to “rest”, the English go there to take a bath. Shitters, I never understood the shitters in this country.

  1. What’s with the ridiculously large gaps either side of the door. With the terrible fear of a transgender person using the “wrong” bathroom, and the imminent paedophilia threat, you would think that the health and safety office or whoever the hell draws up regulations for these public restrooms would be all over that shit.
  2. So there is a drought in half the country, but your toilets use about 5000 gallons of water each flush. And not only that, the fact that there is enough water to fill a medium sized swimming pool in the toilet means, that it is actually quite literally impossible to pee without splashing all over the shop. Now you COULD sit down to pee, but then you might be mistaken for one of those transgender paedos, and someone is bound to figure it out, what with those cracks in the stall.

Get a grip America!


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