Moving House #rcgypsy


It’s that time, being homeless is always interesting 😀 Thank you to the Degani Inn and to Las Vegas, it’s been emotional.

Time to move the JQ HQ to Orange County and get a routine going. My life is a mess for the most part, traveling all over, never 100% sure where I will be a few weeks from now, but I do like my routines, and they are needed for when progress is supposed to be made. I can maintain what I have, as far as the business is concerned, but I can’t make progress unless I set up camp somewhere, and get a routine going. I just can’t focus and put all the pieces together without getting my life around all set first. Over here my setup is the best, better than in Finland. I get up 7:30, head to the gym, be ready to start work at 10am, after having breakfast and watching some youtube videos and checking social media.

For the next few weeks it will be working in virtual reality online, getting everything figured out for next year, and then I’ll get back at it, RC that is, mainly at OCRC doing some 1:10th scale with my PR Racing cars. I’ll be updating you about that, posting my findings, and my setups. For now, it’s back to making plans, and working on the future, so that I have more time to go to the track towards the end of this year.

Trying to make it out to the Fall Braw at Myrtle Beach in North Carolina in December, and then the Dominican Republic, and possibly Trinidad and Tobago right after that, still before Christmas. The one man circus just keeps on going, adding more countries, that’s the name of the game! Grow this RC world one country at a time!

Still have some worlds blogs to post, damn! Need to get that done too.

2 thoughts on “Moving House #rcgypsy

  1. Lucas Loring says:

    South Carolina Brother! Ha! Cant wait to see you there and welcome you to the beach! Fall Brawl baby! Best little secret in the south!

  2. Lucas Loring says:

    Need a place to stay? I got you brother. Your own room. Holler

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