2016 Worlds Random Thoughts


Here are some thoughts on the Worlds. +/- and some random thoughts.

+ The track made for great racing. Many mains ended in last lap battles!

– The track was too narrow according to the rules.

+ The track got bumpy and difficult, different line choices were possible, you had to think, not just drive.

– The watering of the track made it very inconsistent, depending on what time of day you drove. Not a fan.


And don’t give me that shit about dust and the airport bla bla. No need to water. Tracks work when dry also! The rest of the world manages. Apparently Australian worlds will be run wet too? I hope not.

I had this same beef with the European Championships, and I believe I actually caused EFRA to make the change. I think that a junior race is far more valuable than an old mans race. Wouldn’t it make more sense to let the youngsters, say 17 and under compete in a junior WC final, instead of the old guys? And if you want to have old guys race, make it 40 and over, not 35. The youngsters will definitely appreciate it more, and cherish the memory. Even though the old guys make the rules, I think we should remember who the most important drivers are, and where the future of the sports lies. HOLD A JR RACE!!!

+ Is this a new record amount of countries? 42 countries is impressive!

– Drivers had to marshal 😦 But the real question is, why did the oldies marshal the main?

I think most will agree that from a racing perspective this was one of the best worlds in a long time. It was exciting, and apart from Ronnefalk pulling away the last half of the main, the last few mains were awesome to both race in, and to watch. Please let this be the beginning of going back to racing on real 1:8th offroad tracks,  that blow out and get bumpy and tough. 1:8th offroad is supposed to be motocross, not supermoto.



5 thoughts on “2016 Worlds Random Thoughts

  1. Robert Rodriguez says:

    I agree the track was narrow, but rules are rules then why not change it? Watering? In Las Vegas we do have a dust law, has nothing to do with the airport but there is a property dust law. Yes watering made changes, so what is the alternative ? I found it odd that the exhibition racers (the old guys) even Marshall . That should been done by the race before that was part of the actual competition program. Is old guys race important? I say yes, these are just any old guys these are people who help make this racing what it is now. Junior race no, not enough of them that qualified for the worlds.

  2. pawel says:

    JQ, u nailed it 100% about Juniors and Seniors.
    35+?!?!? wth is this??
    IF you do a seniors, then 40+ is correct, 35+ is stupid…

  3. Andrew Silvi says:

    I believe they should have a junior race as they are the future of this hobby 16 and under. We do it here in Australia for our national series and its a great success.

  4. Brian Martinac says:

    I agree the old man race should be 40+ not 35……….35 isn’t old! You could have a Junior worlds as well surely they could have squeezed one more 30 minute main in. Rough outdoor track was awesome it’s called OFF-ROAD for a reason! I wasn’t there don’t know what the watering schedule was……..I didn’t like it at DNC 2016 when the track was always watered right before my race. Seemed like the race right after mine was the fastest, track was still moist but not slimy.

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