2016 IFMAR Worlds 1st Impressions

I stole this from circusrc.com. Check out a lot of great pictures here.

I stole this from circusrc.com. Check out a lot of great pictures here.

Ok, here we go, the 2016 IFMAR World Championships are finally here! For the mainstream daily reports you can check out websites like neobuggy.net, circusrc.com, and probably redrc.net. For the non mainstream, behind the scenes possibly, mostly bullshit more than likely reports, check back here.

+ The facility just looks amazing, the track, the stickers and graphics everywhere, the team tents (hmmm I like to take some credit :-D)

+ The interest for the event, too many drivers to fit in an already record sized WC event

– Track looks good, and seems to be fun to drive, but it just lacks that WOW factor and technical difficulty I feel we should have at the Worlds. Everyone is doing the same thing and looking good doing it. Maybe just have to be patient and wait for the bumps! 🙂

+ The announcing, it’s so nice to be at a big event with announcing, so we know what’s going on, it adds to the atmosphere.

+ The location, Las Vegas and we can see the strip, and to add to that, guaranteed great weather! RC Racing couldn’t get better.

– Everyone is really spread out at different hotels, etc. The most fun races are the ones where racers stay together and we all hang out at night.

+ Organisation seems exceptionally non-American, and very organised and rule abiding. I think they may even have a schedule! We do have some improvisations with watering and a pre qualifying race, but everything seems spot on. Let’s hope it stays that way and goes smoothly!

+ Degani won $2000 in 2 minutes.

– Degani doesn’t spread the wealth. What a dick.

+ It feels like this race is very open, there is not one or a couple of clear favourites. Should be a great race.

+ Assuming it gets rough, this is a return to offroad. I hope this starts a new trend of old school. Enough of these smooth grooved up tracks. Enough!



3 thoughts on “2016 IFMAR Worlds 1st Impressions

  1. Clark Driggs says:

    Thanks for not sugar coating anything! I like to hear the truth!

  2. Jeancc says:

    Your last comment is THE COMMENT. Offroad it’s offroad.

  3. twistedneck says:

    I was watching three E-buggy JQ White Edition cars battle today on clay those suckers fly – you can win this! The strength of your design is adapting to changing conditions well I bet this one changes every hour. PS. how do you like the sounds of Airliners taking off? Crazy!

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