Top WC Contenders Review by JQ & Degani coming


Here we go! In Las Vegas on the strip! Today we packed up the last things with Degani, bought some new carpet for the pits, and headed to Las Vegas. We went to the old forgotten track where the Silver State race was maybe 12 years ago, and where Josh Wheeler won the Nats. I go by the rules, “rules are rules” lol. I just can’t believe it’s still there as you could actually have a runaway and jump through someone’s living room window if the layout was right for that.

img_48881 img_48951

Anyway, engines tuned, car’s ready, pits all done, except for the walls and banners that I forgot, will get those tomorrow. Tracks looking mint, and this is set to be an absolutely awesome WC! The only thing that I can think that COULD spoil it is the watering of the track. We will have to wait and see how that goes.


ANYWAY, got the idea to write a Top Contenders post, looking at the top drivers and their cars, and telling you who we think will do well and why. Then after the race, you can all look back and laugh at us and tell us we are idiots for being so wrong. Then we will go ahead and do a post race recap, like this one I did for 10th scale, which became crazy popular!

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